So, what have I been up to??

As most will know, I have not been doing much in the poker circles lately. I’ve been finishing bits and pieces at home and relaxing most of the time just watching TV and whatever.

I have been doing a bit of reading though – and not poker related. I’ve been reading ‘Digital Fortress’ by Dan Brown – yeah, the same guy who penned ‘The DaVinci Code – and I have to say, I’ve hardly put it down. One of those books that drags you in and you just want to keep reading. I’m even cramming in a few chapters at 5.30am when I get up for work! What a sad life I lead, eh?

Onto other things….. I’m a huge Glasgow Celtic fan (football, or soccer as some would say!), but it’s not been a great week for the team. Last Wednesday, they went out of the UEFA Champions League, losing 1-0 to the mighty AC Milan after extra time. Then on Sunday, they lost to our mighty and unsightly rivals, Glasgow Rangers by the same result. Have to say, I wasn’t that bothered losing to Rangers as we have all but got the league wrapped up and have done since October last year! But it’s always good to have bragging rights after a game like this. But there’s still one more ‘Old Firm’ encounter to come this season so there’s still a chance to grab those bragging rights back!

Onto what I’m up to this week…..

I plan to get back into playing some poker this week. Our league games are kicking off a bit earlier this week due to the daylight savings kicking in in the USA. I have money in a site that I’m desperate to get out, but they have a restriction that you have to gain a certain amount of ‘points’ before you can withdraw any money! Now to me, this sucks big time! I can see the point if my money was gained through freeroll winnings, but not money I’ve won with the cash I DEPOSITED!!! Anyhoo, I’m almost at the points target so should hopefully get my money out by the weekend.

I will also be researching my next poker article for the blog, which I should have posted for the weekend. Not decided on a topic yet, but the latest issue of PokerPlayer magazine (UK version) dropped through the door this morning, so I’ll look at that for some inspiration.

 Other than that, I’m in the process of trying to get rid of a little ailment I have….. athlete’s foot! I have to say, this is a scourge to the human race. It has to be the most annoying, itchy and sore (from scratching the itch!) ailment I’ve ever had. A total pain in the butt. Serves me right for not seeing to it sooner though. But now, I’ve got the stuff to put it all right, so hopefully, goodbye athlete’s foot!


6 Responses to So, what have I been up to??

  1. Blagger says:

    Yeah let’s not talk football this week.. *groan*..

    Nice to see yah up and running in wordpress mate.. Looks a lot cleaner and presentable. 🙂

    We have had a couple of new blogs appearing lately, Rich’s and Netty’s, be interesting to see this continuing.. Wonder of we can turn anyone elses head to starting a blog?

    I reckon Dog has a blog in him, even if he bemoans tha fact it takes him an hour to type a paragraph lol.. Hmm let me think, who else could we get interested in starting a blog….

  2. dagopher says:

    Oh, I forgot about Arsenal goin out midweek. By all accounts they had many chances to kill the game, but was not to be.

    As for the blog, I have to say that I like the cleanliness of it too. Now that I’m beginning to get to grips with the control panel and stuff, it won’t be too long before I’m a master at it! 🙂

    I agree that the Dog could have a wonderful blog. OK, it might take him an age to type a paragraph, but through time he would get those fingers typing a little faster!! It would also give us a perspective from across the pond to poker in general.

    As for others starting a blog, I think Jock (Ewen44) could do an *interesting* one, even if its not all poker related!

    But now Netty has shown the way, maybe we could get more ladies writing blogs too….

  3. Svcmgr says:

    I may consider a “across the pond” blog.
    However, I don’t think my level of play is at a point where someone would read about it. lol

  4. Blagger says:

    Dave don’t kid have a good game.. and man .. besides, it ain’t about having a good game or bad game.. it’s about getting “it” out there.

    Writing a blog will encourage you to analyse your own game and get people dsicussing the where-all etc. 😉

    Go for it!

  5. dagopher says:

    Totally agree with blags mate! You’ll find writing a blog about poker won’t just be musings about the game. You’ll think of stuff that will be invaluable to your game. It wasn’t until I started my blog and basically went ‘back to basics’ that I realised that I wasn’t implimenting all that I had learned throughout the years into my game.

    When you start thinking about topics to write about, all this information comes back and it DOES seem to stick in your memory and you do USE it.

    I would recommend to anyone to write a blog, no matter their subject choice. It gives a good sense of well-being knowing that people are reading and replying to what you are writing.

    As I said, I’m with Blags on this one….. GO FOR IT!

  6. netsson says:

    I sincerely agree. The bloging makes you start analyzing what you’ve seen, heard and experienced thinking back in your trials to put it in words You learn more and become a better and more disciplined player! You really slow down your way of playing a bit and raise your patience more! I know i did.

    It’s a great complement to the livechat so i really do encourage every one in the league to blog about your games, thoughts and lives!

    So come on ladies (and you svcmgr, i read your blog) what are you waiting for?

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