The time has come…..

First Posted: Saturday, Mar 3, 2007

I was speaking to my mate Blagger the other day. He’s been on a sabbatical from poker recently, due to various reasons, one of which he described as ‘just can’t be bothered.’

I know this feeling, as that’s exactly what my thoughts have been for around the last month. Any game I’ve played this past month has been absolutely garbage, whether it’s not getting the starting hands or suck out city. But the real reason is the same as Blagger… I just can’t be bothered! I do my bit for the league though by taking part in some of the games at the weekends. That’s a commitment that I like to take care of win or lose. But apart from that I’m playing very little.

I think there comes a time when you’ve got to take a step back from the coalface (or poker table in this matter!), and assess what it is that’s making you feel this way. In my case, after a long time thinking about it all, and my wee chat with Blagger, I’ve came up with the answer. And it’s a simple thing. I’m what I call PC’d out! Basically, I’m spending far too much time in front of the computer.

I’ve played so much poker in the last year that now I need a complete rethink on the game. To me it’s the only way to get some enthusiasm back for the game. As I’m playing terrible online, I’m going to start playing more live games instead. I’ve already posted in this blog about my previous experiences at the casino, but I really need more practice in the ‘live’ arena. So, home games mixed with casino visits is going to be the order of the day.

Sometimes, just that wee change in perspective can do wonders for the mind. A certain amount of monotony creeps in when you are sitting at a computer for most of the day, almost every day. Computers are heavily involved in my job with freedom to roam the internet. So on average, I’m sitting in front of a computer for around 10 hours a day.

I know a lot of people will think this is nothing and that they are at the computer for a hell of a lot more time than me and they can cope with it fine. But, each to their own I say!

So, my plan for the next wee while is to limit myself to time on the computer. At work, I’ll have no choice but to work with them, but I can try and limit my ‘surfing’ sessions to a minimum – probably just floating around our forum.

At night though, it’s a different story.

For the next wee while I’ll be restricting myself to 2-3 league games – probably weekends and only at the sites where we really need to get good numbers playing. The rest of the time, I’m staying away from the computer, other than to check emails and update this blog to you, my wonderful readers! Apart from that I’ll be trying to get as much ‘live’ experience as I can, even if its just against 4 or 5 others.

I’m hoping that this does the trick and I can find that enthusiasm for the computer again – and online poker – which I hope in turn will get me back on track in the online games. I’ll also be going ‘back to basics’ and going over all the basics of poker, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. In doing all these thing I hope to be back on track, being my usual mad self (especially on Fridays!) and winning again. 

I’ll let you know how I fair week by week with this little experiment. It seems the best thing I can do for myself at the moment. Be sure to pop back for some more strategy and tips as well as my progress.


Blagger: Hi mate, what can I add aside from, been there, doing that and got the t-shirt?My blog when updated is gonna be running along similar lines as the content of yours. Like you the majority of my business requires me to be on a computer and online. Like you I decided back in Jan this year to play a maximum of 4 sessions of poker a week online and actually only have 3 in the calendar, leaving myself the option of that one off game etc.

Like you plan to do, I took that week’s sabbatical, which became two weeks, then three, now it is four! Admittedly the last week was forced on me by illness, but I haven’t really missed it, “yet”.

You’re right it’s not about cold decks, monkey players or any of that, I think we have both come to terms with these elements in the roller coaster ride that is online poker.

It is simply as you state, a flatness, a nothingness, a void of interest, a neutrality of concern. I am going to officially name it “The Ho-Hum Syndrome”.

I better stop writing or my blog will end up in your comments section. Lol

Well let’s see where the few weeks take us, or not. I know we are not alone in this ‘ho-hum syndrome’, as I have spoken to another of our poker pals and he is suffering exactly the same symptoms. I suspect there are others too.

I think we are both doing the right thing by stepping back and re-evaluating the whole process. Don’t entirely disappear Gopher as I think discussion and debate amongst your pals and poker peers online will be a vital part of getting that spark back.

Keep up the good work and good luck with your plans mate..

Mar 7, 2007, 05:08 AM

Pinkdog: Like Blagger said, don’t entirely disappear Gofer, because it’s players like you and blagz that keep me in the game and trust me on that. I have been in the doldrums since my stupid government shut down my ability to move funds around on-line and add the fact I’m running short on cash and have to play the 0.50 to $1.00 SnG monkey-fests my game has gone straight down the tubes.I sure hope to see ya around on the tables again but I know the state of mind you’re in now. Hang Tough G.
Mar 7, 2007, 08:32 PM
Svcmgr: I am with Dog on all of this too. Having to watch every cent of your bankroll because of all the issues with moving money, etc. is a pain.
I too have to play in the $1, $2 sng’s to see if I can keep building.
The only bright spot in the whole thing is getting to play with you guys.
It is real hard for me to get excited and ready to “dominate” at a $.50 to $1 sng.
My game has been in the “lets see who can suck out on me now” stage. Going in with the best hand with a 2 outer drawing against me and having them hit seems to be the norm, not the exception lately.
Blagz, Ash, Lippy, Dog, Gofer, etc. are pretty much the only reason I am still playing at this point so don’t go too far.
I hope to see ya all around. Maybe, we can crawl out of this together.
Mar 8, 2007, 02:12 PM
Dagopher: Thanks guys for the words of encouragement! I will be around again very soon as I don’t want you all disappearing either!
Mar 8, 2007, 02:35 PM

One Response to The time has come…..

  1. netsson says:

    Fortunately I haven’t experienced what blagger now named the “Ho-humsyndrome” due to been forced to take time out unwillingly! Other factors were in game here on my part but I believe it’ll do you good to take one step back and revaluate the priorities a bit!

    It would be very sad if you and I’m not just talking about you gofer but all members in the forum would get in the pokercoma were you would disappear completely!

    for example I really miss having my contributionmamager at my table. You know who you are! Rofl

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