And so we continue…..

Well, after the announcement that the Pokerchipsquad LEAGUE has finished, we’re more than less getting back into the groove. The announcement confused a lot of people to begin with, but hopefully everyone knows the situation now. Here is a quick rundown……

  • Only the poker league is closing down – not the forum.
  • There will still be private games for the members, the sites being Absolute, Vegas Poker, 3d Poker for all members including US players, and PKR for all players except the US.
  • The Pokerchipsquad forum does remain as the central meeting and information point. Details of the private games and up to the minute news will be posted there.
  • The live chat facility at Paltalk also remains. Details on how to access this are in the forum.

So, hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion surrounding the recent events.

As for me, I have another article almost ready to publish here at Grins and Groans. I should have it ready for the weekend, so keep an eye out for it.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, take a look at the other blogs I’ve linked to. All mainly concern poker and are well worth the reading. Oh, and don’t be shy! All the bloggers will fully welcome comments and critique – good or bad. We are all striving to be better players so if you have an alternative view of what we post, don’t be afraid to tell us.

Here are the other blogs to check out….

Poker Playground  – Blaggers poker musings. Blagz was the first to have a regular blog. He actually got me into starting mine back up!

Poker Globe – Rich’s Blog. Rich is also the owner of the Pokerchipsquad Forum.

Netty Boop – The only female in the forum blogging thus far, Netty just started her blog a week ago and just can’t stop blogging now!

Poker and Me – The newest blog in our little family, Dave (AKA Svcmgr) has started off strong, and only seems to be getting stronger. Another great addition for us bloggers!

So there you go! Go check them out, and please remember… all comments are welcome at all the blogs!


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