Ready to vomit


A quick post about the Pokerchipsquad private game at PKR last night. I was playing great all the way through the tourny and before we knew it we were down to four players. I was chip leader by about 3000 from KBvital with CrazyYorkie and Blagger. We played a good few hands with chips swapping everywhere. Blagz managed a massive suckout after going over the top of my raise with A3 suited. I had AJ suited. He caught a 3 on the river to take it down. I didn’t bother me too much as it didn’t dent my stack too much.

Further into the game I caught pocket 9’s on the button. Cue a raise from me. I was re-raised by KBvital, so I flat called. The flop came out low cards so I pushed all-in (I had put him on AK). He turns over pocket Aces and catches another Ace on the turn. So from chipleader I go to shortstack.

The very next hand I’m involved in (2 hands from the 99 v AA) and me on the BB I pick up KQ – an all-in hand every time when you’re shortstacked. KBvital calls and turns over pocket Aces again!!! Unbelievable! Needless to say the Aces held up and I went out as bubbleboy. Chipleader to bubbleboy in two hands against the same player holding AA each hand – gutted!

This game can be so cruel at times and last night was a bit of a ‘nut-crusher’. I Left PKR stunned.

In retrospect, If I had thought about it a bit longer I could have maybe got away from the first hand, but you just don’t expect it twice in a row with the same player. I’m not knocking KBvital by the way…. he’s got to play the hands he gets.

I just wish the poker gods would give me a break though. It seems to be the same in every game I play lately – play brilliantly for the most part only to have the carpet swept from under my feet in the latter stages.

Hey-ho…. I just have to put it out of my mind. I can’t dwell on it (although I’m sure I’ll be bitchin about it tonight in the chatroom 🙂 ) It’s another day, and another lesson learned, so upwards and onwards to tonights private game at Absolute. I will make the payout positions tonight, and its not just a feeling. Its a determination that has been lacking lately. But its back now folks, so watch out…. I’m comin to get ya!


4 Responses to Ready to vomit

  1. Svcmgr says:

    Too bad Gopher, I feel for ya. This kind of stuff happens sometimes.
    Let me ask you this. Do you feel you got unlucky or do you feel kbvital got lucky? There is a difference.

    I was watching Blagz play the other night. There was a guy at the table, big stack. In three hands he was out too but the difference was he was the one with winning hands pre-fop. Blagz can probably fill in the details but the beat was so bad, Blagz and the guy left in the tourny felt bad for him.

    Bad beats, luck, are all part of this “game”.

    Whats done is done, now go out and kill, kill, kill…lol

  2. dagopher says:

    Mate, I consider it just good cards at the wrong time. Not so much good or bad luck. In the first hand I got away ahead of myself. In retrospect, if KB had AK he probably would have only called my raise – not reraised me. Should have seen that, but went boldy forward without giving it enough thought. Possibly a touch of arrogance crept into my game, thinking I had the best hand because of the pocket pair.

    The 2nd hand, I was unlucky in the sense that when I had to push all-in, KB had aces again. You just can’t legislate for that.

    But you’re right. Just gotta get on with it. That game is now in the past.

  3. PinkDog says:

    I’ve Regurgitated A Few Times Myself

    Those $*#&ing poker gods are vile evil bastards even when they are on your side. I’ve have suffered the same fate and it is a gut wrenching experience to fall from the lead to last in 2 or 3 quick hands.

    Got to give my buddy Blaggz a nod for the win and congrats to Carl and Sue.

    Hang Tough Gordon, poker gods are a fickle bunch so next time it might be the other players vomiting.

    See Ya on the Felt

  4. Blagger says:

    Oh Gopher! Lol … Dude I was in the blinds, which were at $400 I had under $1000 chips plus my blind on the table… You and KB had mega bucks.. A3 suited 4 handed.. You’d have done the same.. lol..

    It was a stunning exit though, have to give yah that. At least you didn’t go out to monkey suck outs on the river.. hehe

    And yes me and Dog have a special relationship with Satan’s hand 666, I’ll show you how special in my blog in a day or two.

    Dave that guy that went out from big stack to gone in three real MASSIVE suckouts was too funny. If I recall right it went something like this;

    Me 66 all in he showed JJ and 6 came on the river.
    Me 10-10 all in he showed AA I hit 10 on the turn.
    Him all in with nut straight opponent caught flush on river.

    He never said a word me and the other guy were like “sorry..muhahahah”.. We should have noted his name and chased him to his next game cos he just HAD to be on tilt.

    Gordon yup just tuck it away in the drawer marked experience, if you continue to play like you did last night, you just know you’ll be in profit over the long haul.

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