Last Nights Poker…


I played in our private forum game last night and was determined to cash in the game. Well, it wasn’t to be as I went out in 9th place, my AJ offsuit bombing to pocket 9’s. I had started off quite well, but dropped a big pot to drop to shortstack. After this, any time I caught a hand I couldn’t get paid off. Everyone was playing so tight, you couldn’t squeeze a credit card between the cheeks of their butts!

Along with all of that, I had to nip out in the middle of the game. Nothing worse than having to interupt your game.

So, I decided to play a cash game at, and was doing OK there when my virus scanner picked up a virus. All hell broke loose, and I eventually had to do a system restore. This helped and I went onto skype and found the Dog looking for a game. So, the virus went on the backburner as poker seemed so much important!

Our first game was a $2 sit and go at Full Tilt. I started off great and was a massive chip leader. But as has been happening to me constantly recently, suckouts and pure bad luck seen my chips disintegrate and I ended up out on the bubble. But the Dog played some great stuff and took down the win.

The 2nd game was the same buy-in, and within the first few hands, both the Dog and myself had doubled up and taken players out. We were buzzing and had taken good control of the table. But one player who had been quiet (we had our eye on him!) started taking down pots and eventually nabbed the lead. He went on to win the game with me bagging 2nd and the Dog 3rd.

So, I came out almost even after the two games with the Dog making some profit. But just the way things had panned out made me realise that I have to get a grip of my end game. Too many times over the last few months I’ve been chipleader in the latter stages of tourneys and s&g’s, only to crumble. Yes, sometimes its been pure bad luck, but I know within myself that it’s not always the luck thing that’s caused me to crumble. I NEED to work out what it is. And this is where you, my readers come in.

I know that there are several forum members who read this, so I would like to know what your thoughts are in where I’m going wrong. I know of a few things, but it would be good to see what you think. And don’t be afraid to be critical. I can take the good with the bad. As I see it, and I’ve said it often enough, the best way to improve your game is to analyse it yourself, but more importantly to let OTHERS analyse it. The people you play with will pick up a hell of a lot more about your game than you will yourself.

So, come on folks. Let me know where you think I could be going wrong.

PS.. I seem to have the virus situation under control, but some of you could still be getting a little call about it!


4 Responses to Last Nights Poker…

  1. netsson says:

    What i’ve noticed and I started to deal with is that if i’m massive chipleader My gamingstrategy goes quickly out the window! I tend to take more risks, trying to scare ppl out of the pot more, try to use my heavy stack more and misses that me as chipleader have a big painted bullseye on my forehead and everyones out to take me out! There’s were I do wrong! Could it be as simple as that?

    Now I tightened my game even more until when down to 3 players left wether being chipleader or not, that small change paid off big time! I’m better now in protecting my stack!

  2. svcmgr says:

    Net makes a good point. Do you think your strategy is changing when you get the big stack? Do you sometimes call a hand you normally wouldn’t call because you feel it is “your responsibilty” to take people out because of your stack? Do you become more aggressive when you are stacked?
    I order for me to offer any kind of help (wht ever thats worth), I would need to watch you play.
    Here’s a question?
    I think that sometimes it is easier for someone to call an all-in than a raise? Does that make sense? Sometimes I think people will click the all-in call button on a chance vs. calling a bet for half their stack. I don’t know why this happens (resignation to the poker gods), but sometimes when I am stacked it is something I think about.

  3. zitlips says:

    Excellent points….I myself get caught in the same manner Gofer in mtt games when I get to the last few tables. So I realize Nettie’s and Dave’s suggestions.
    I don’t seem to have the problem in sng’s…just the mtt’s and now I’ll use their advice in that area

  4. netsson says:

    Lippy I too tend to tighten my game even more in a sitngo than in a mtt! sometimes it feel more easy to do so! Why I don’t know! perhaps a feeling of “Boy so many more stupid monkeys to knock out in mtts than sitngo” or “Gosh rather play 1.5 hours per sitngo than 5-6 hours per mtt”

    I’m having problems keeping my focus for a whole mtt-tour and tend to be bored! Need to work on that!

    Svcmgr i agree with your point there, it seems more easy bigstacked to call an allin than a raise! You get blocked by the chance or a feeling of obligation towards yourself (or adrenaline-rush) to kick out another player and get involved in a hand you normally wouldn’t. There is where i tightened up and improved myself. Not letting myself fall into that trap!

    But it’s difficult to give a correct answer without observing how you play, we should get together in skype and one by one be observed a whole tournament and get advices, tips and so on! Like making a schedule that this time we all observe gofer and commenting on that, next time lippy and so on or what blag suggested a table where we all kind of filmed our hands and then getting into skype commenting on it, how we were thinking and why in certain hands! there’s a problem with that and that is i don’t have a web-cam!

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