God this game hates me! Tonight I joined in a sit and go at Full Tilt with Lippy and the Dog. Yes, I know…. three of us shouldn’t play at the same sit and go, but what the hell!

THREE times during the game I suffered huge suckouts! And two of those times was runner, runner suckouts. The other was a river suckout. One guy who sucked out twice was not that bad a player,  but he definately had a horseshoe stuck up his ass, thats for sure. He went on to win the game more through pure suckout luck than skill in the end. Lippy, the Dog and myself were commenting on his play and being quite complimentary, but at the end of the day luck won him that game.

Even his last hand he was underdog and ended up hitting 2 pair on the river.

Oh well, another ‘kicked in the nuts’ experience to lock away – 3 times over!


11 Responses to Aaaargh!!!

  1. zitlips says:

    Had the lucky bastoid not said anything at all I would know for sure he was a bot…But he did talk…he was one of the luckiest I’ve ever seen for sure and unfortunately it was you who really took the blunt of that.
    In retrospect..we should have invited him to the league as he was a good player and a nice person.

  2. netsson says:

    Ahh sorry to hear about that gofer! But think about this I’ve seen you turn a game from down to almost zero and up to win it! So you sure can do this again!

    You had some real bad luck lately and so in tonights game. Myself had to struggle to gain some chips due to not catching anything worth playing with a few exception and got sucked out just before finaltable.

    My problem is with the leaguegames where i can’t catch even with the biggest bait and net in the universe, starting to wonder who or what i’m gonna start sacrifice offerings to?

  3. dagopher says:

    I’ve been bitchin about the luck I’ve been having for a good while now, but I think everyone can see that I’m not been going overboard. The suckouts I’ve had just this weekend alone have been horendous to say the least. Last nights runner-runner suckout (again!) was difficult to handle, especially the way the hand panned out. For those that never seen it here’s what happened….

    I raise 4 x the big blind with AQ and get called. A queen hits the flop with 2 diamonds. I’m all in and I get called by QJ offsuit – one of them a diamond. Along comes runner-runner diamond to hand him the flush! And I get called a bad loser for not being too happy about it????

    Now, fair enough, these things happen in poker, but when it’s happening constantly (virtually EVERY game I have played recently) when I’m huge favourite pre-flop and after the flop, people gotta understand that I’m gonna be pissed. Its a natural reaction.

    I have been told by some who have been watching my game that I’m playing well and just getting very unlucky. I didn’t believe them at first but after some personal analysis of my game I do now believe them. I’ve hardly put a foot wrong recently.

    But the tide HAS to change eventually. This won’t go on forever, and I know if I stick to playing my own game I’ll get through it.

  4. netsson says:

    You’re absolutely right! You’ve got to stick to your strategy and your game even if it’s hard when beaten bad!

    I know you can do it!

    And as pinkdog and blagger repeats constantly it’s not the in the shortterm what you’ve lost you need to think of it’s what you gain in a year that matters!

    Plan the goals for a full year and then analyze!

  5. Svcmgr says:

    You play a good solid game. It would be a challenge to play against you.

    You should talk to Dog and Blagz. Their luck has been pretty good. They mentioned it changing after some special ceremony involving live chickens, pentagrams, and chanting…lol

    People say “don’t worry about it” but you do until it changes. Hopefully, that will be soon. No game adjustment needed.

  6. netsson says:

    ooooooooh so that’s how they do it!!!!! Hmmmm? memo to self buy chickens and book of chanting, start drawing some pentagrams

    Do I need a priest of darkness, frogs and a dragons tooth too?

  7. svcmgr says:

    Priest of darkness? Nah, why do you think we call him the preacher….lol

  8. dagopher says:

    I’ve not got any chickens…. will a rabbit do? 🙂

    BTW Dave, Loved your post in the forum regards the ‘That’s poker’ comment. The only problem being is some of these players really don’t think they were lucky even after they suckout. They think they played the hand right and got their just rewards.

    Back to the original post, I’ve just finished reading an article regarding luck in poker, or to put it in a better term…. varience. It sure did make me feel better reading it. I’ll post a summary of the article this week.

  9. Blagger says:

    Yanno that is what irks me most Gordon..

    When they don’t even realise they just made a monkey play and totally lucked out.

    Sure if it is a fishy newbie but when yah get monkey’d out by someone who often considers themself a reasonable player.

    Doubly annoying is when they do “stupid luck” out on you, there are always other folk on the table giving it all “NH” or “VN”. All that does is encourage more idiot calls and raises.. sheesh..

    And then when they finally do get caught out and are dumped out of a game there is all this “GG” and “WP”.. and it doesn’t mean anything or help at all. Because anyone with more IQ than a baked bean knows there goes the loose cannon finally getting what he deserved etc..

    Wish people would say it as it is..

  10. svcmgr says:

    Oh, Blagger just pushed my button.
    I HATE it when a Monkey play wins and you see the NH thing. Or, how about this one, you just got sucked out by a stupid luck call and everyone says GG. I think to myself “NO it wasn’t! I was just taken out by a Monkey! GG? WTF?
    Now I realize if it is people I know they are just trying to be nice but if I was playing a GG. I’d still be in. Playing a GG and not winning is a contradiction in terms.
    Ok I am calming down

  11. svcmgr says:

    GG = you played a good game up to this point but you are still a loser…lol

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