A winning week


After my moaning and groaning over the last couple of months, this past week seen a change in fortunes for me at the tables. And funny enough, its all been down to what I had written in the last post! Variance!

Throughout the last 3 months I’ve had one or two cashes at sit and go tables, but overall I’ve lost a helluva lot! That all changed on Tuesday when I decided to play a $1 sit and go at PKR. I just played my usual game and was fortunate not to be rivered or sucked out when holding the best hand.  This carried on to my forums private game at PKR on Thursday.

Down to 3 players in that game, I was under 2000 chips along with Blagger who had around the same. The chip leader – an apparent gate crasher to the game – had over 22,000 in chips. After some patient play I had managed to get up to 5000 in chips before Blagz went out. The chip leader still had a 4/1 advantage in chips. More patient play followed, but I just couldn’t get him to call my raises. But with this aggressive approach to heads-up play payed dividends as I soon starting clawing my way right into the game. Before I knew it I was only 3000 chips behind. Then came the big turning point.

I was dealt AK suited in the small blind. As this guy was playing very tight I only raised it double the big blind, hoping he would tag along. He went one better by going all in. Instant call from me and he turns over KQ. I ended up with 2 pair to take down the pot and decimate his stack. Reeling from that hand he went all in on the next. Unfortunately for him, i was holding pocket 10s which I was never going to lay down heads-up. He turned over J4. Flop and turn helped no-one, but another 10 on the river put the icing on the cake for me!

A win!!! I had almost forgot what one was like!


On the Friday, I was more or less in the same position – short stack again up against 2 big stacks – CrazyYorkie and Magpot. I ploughed forward with some aggressive play and it payed dividends as I accumulated chips quickly. Once I became the chipleader, I started getting some good hands and I was making Sue and Mags pay to see any flops. Eventually, the win came making it 3 games in a row I’d won.

Last night I went for a live game instead of the private games but got there too late to play, so hit the casino instead for a wee bit of 3 card brag. After over 2hours playing I called it a night with a minuscule profit, but still, I enjoyed it immensely. If you have never been to a casino to play the tables, you should give it a shot. Even more so if you can get a game of poker. It’s a great night out!

Well, that’s it for now. look out for another strategy article coming later this week.


3 Responses to A winning week

  1. svcmgr says:

    Glad to see you back on the winning side Gopher.
    It sure does a hell of a lot for your confidence and mental attitude doesn’t it?
    We have all been there and it takes determination, discipline, and confidence that you will come back to make it through the “lean” times.
    Good job.
    Welcome back!

  2. zitlips says:

    I second that…keep the good cards comin…and KILL KILL KILL

  3. netsson says:

    Woohoo gofer! Nice feeling huh!

    And now my winning streak seems to be over for a while, tell you more in my blog later


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