For Kicks….


My 3rd part on starting hands for novices will be around soon. But I just thought I’d change the pace and tell you about my poker this week.

Well in short, I’ve hardly played. I entered one of the forums private s&g and found within a few hands that I just couldn’t be bothered. This resulted in some overly aggressive play from me (not on purpose) and I got my hand caught in the cookie jar a few times and was dismissed early on.

But I’ve played a couple of S&G’s at PKR. Played a couple of $3 games (as my bankroll will allow). I won one of them and placed 2nd at the other. The 2nd game was great as I went heads up to a guy from Estonia. Very friendly and a very good player. The chip lead swapped between us for a good while, before an all-in raise with J9s was called by pkt 3’s. The 3s held up, even going on to make trips on the river. But it was an excellent heads-up and one I wish could happen more – with me winning of course!

Having enjoyed my little chat and game with my Estonian friend I headed to the 5c/10c cash tables. I normally prefer to play the 25c/50c tables or at the very least 10c/25c tables but these low limit games at PKR are a feeding frenzy for any half-decent player. Within less than 30mins I had turned the $7 I had taken to the table into over $20….. and I only played 4 hands! Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue my stay there as I had stuff to do 😦

Have been back to the cash tables since and made more profit. I have noticed though, that these short sessions – 30 mins or less – are really profitable for me. If I double my money in a short time, and then seem to be getting some cold cards, I leave. I’ve been quite strict with myself that I will wait for one round of blinds and If I haven’t hit any sort of hand the I up sticks and go. It might only be a $6 or $7 profit, but its still profit after all.

Well I’m offski for now…. the league game at PKR awaits!

See ya soon!


One Response to For Kicks….

  1. Blagger says:

    Like you mate I still have not got my act together and just find myself wandering around playing the odd lil SNG with the boys and of course a forum game now and then…

    What makes it worse is the good weather is arriving and things like fishing and being out in the sun is going to make it even harder for me to get halfway organised again..

    Oh well let’s hope the bug re-bites soon or if that doesn’t I am hoping the fish will.. 😉

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