Woohoo to the forum!


The forum participated in its first foum challenge games for a few years at the weekend. We won one forum challenge when they were held at Royal Vegas poker a few years back and done well the following year, but there was blatent cheating going on in the 2nd game.

Anyhoo, we signed up for two events organised by the Online Forum Challenge team, both played at Absolute Poker. The first on Saturday was a freeroll, which I missed because I was rather full of ‘beverages’ and basically couldn’t even bite my fingers!

The 2nd game was a $5 buy-in on Sunday. I had sobered up by this point but was still undecided whether I was going to play or not fifteen minutes before the game kicked off. In the end I did play. It was not my best game, even though I managed a creditable 38 place from 377 starters, which gave me the huge profit of $4 for almost 3 hours play!! The few times I had good cards, I was paid off handsomely and managed to stay up there with the chip leaders. Then just as I was enjoying myself, I was moved table. It was a nightmare of a cold deck that welcomed me. Any time I had a hand that was good for limping in with, someone raised it up before me – usually an all in. The hands were not good enough to call. In the end, I was more or less blinded out of the game, and even though I knew I was getting bullied a bit, I could do nothing about it.

Anyways, not to worry, as some of the other forum members played some exquisite poker and finished a lot higher than me. Pokerbully and Steph both finished in the top 20 but Ashmaniac (6th) and the Dog (8th)  made the final table! Monkey luck as usual killed off there challenges, but their efforts mad a difference.

Considering the amount of players from the forum who entered – 27 I think – we had 6 who made the money and another 3 inside the top 50!! Thats a hell of a good showing and this reflected in the overall foum winners. The Pokerchipsquad managed 70 points in total for this game. Our nearest rivals had 38. The first time any forum has won a challenge by almost double the points the 2nd placed forum had.

So we are now up for a $400 freeroll thanks mainly to Ash, the Dog, Steph and Popa, but also to all of our team.

Congrats have to go to the OFC organisers for the way this event was set up. The best forum challenge set up on the net to date by far. Looking forward to the next challenge game already!!


2 Responses to Woohoo to the forum!

  1. Blagger says:

    Good night of poker and fun eh..

    First time I have been really into the game for ages, even though I left a lot earlier than you, just being in chat with everyone as the game progressed was great..

    But for a couple of decent hands Gopher you and prolly a few others would have doubled that forum score..

    Bring on the next one I say, cos from what I saw the level of play was well within the scope of most of the forum players..

    Check out PKR forum sometime soon as well lol I just had to rub their noses in it a little.. sheesh lol

  2. dagopher says:

    Yup, I needed a wee bit of luck that just wasn’t there. But I sure am up for the next game. If we as a group can play as well as we did in this game – and don’t succumb to monkey luck – then I can’t see past us winning again!

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