This week…


Tuesday seen the start of the Sit and Go League in the forum. As I said in my last entry, I’ve tried to cover all bases in regards to this to make sure it all runs smoothly. Only time will tell, but if the first game was anything to go by there shouldn’t be too many issues.

I played a few games over the weekend but had very little luck. But I did win a 27 player sit and go that also seen Netsson, Blagz and The Dog enter. To tell you the truth, I have no idea how I won it as I had had quite a few beverages of the alcoholic kind by that point. I had intended to have a coffee midway through the night but kept on returning to the comp with another beer. And I can vaguely remember talk of sex toys…. but I’ll keep that for another day!

By the end of the weekend I managed to eek out a small profit with my s&g win, so it wasn’t all bad. I just wish the MTT I played had been a bit more profitable. I had played steady, patient, aggressive poker and had built up a good number of chips. In the last hand I flat called with aqc qc in early position (in hindsight I should have raised). Anyways, the pot was raised further around the table, so I called the raise. 8d kh ad flopped and I put out a pot sized bet. The inital raiser came over the top with an all-in. Somehow I knew I was winning and after thinking long and hard, I called. He turned over kd jh. Woohoo for me…. until the river brought the kc and once again, I went out to a suckout. Unfrickenbelievable! I wish these poker sites stopped rewarding the underdog so often, just because the have a few more chips. But, I’ll be back… I now have the hunger again to, as Lippy would put it… KILL, KILL, KILL!

As mentioned earlier, the Sit and Go League started in earnest on Tuesday. A lot of excitement going around, and the first game was won by Weedbus (AKA Gary). A complete and utter lucky git of a player! 🙂

In all seriousness, he played a hell of a game. To start with, he tried to limp in with a few hands and lost around 150 of his 1500 starting chips. After that though, he played controlled poker right to the end and thoroughly deserved his win. He had the hand of the night too when his pocket 10s went all-in against Ash’s pocket rockets after a 10 had hit the flop. Not content with trip 10s he made it quads on the river!

I played for my team, and after a bright start – taking out 2 players – I went down the usual road of a very cold deck, eventually going out in 4th place. But I picked up a point for The Varmints! Tonight sees Magpot going into the hotseat for the team. Here’s hoping for a Varmint victory this time! 😉

I will try and finish of my starting hands series now that the league has kicked off and I’ve got a little more time, so I will hopefully have it posted early next week.

Good luck on the felt, and say hello if you see me at your table…. just don’t trust me!!!


One Response to This week…

  1. Blagger says:

    Dude … that 27 seat SNG was up there as one of the most enjoyable games of the year.

    I lasted 2 hands, holed 2 monster hands in a row and got sucked out both times. Can’t recall how long the rest lasted but it wasn’t long. I don’t recall anyone but you hitting the final table.

    It was worth the buy-in just to sit there and chat and stuff as the game progressed..

    And yup WTG Gary brilliant start for our team “The Blasphemers”..

    And WTG Annie notching up our second win in as many games..Yee-Haw!

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