Coining it in…


Well another weekend has gone by, and I’m pleased to say that it was a profitable one for me! So let’s go through the diary….


Thursday 26th – The 2nd game of the forums sit and go league took place and whadda ya know? The Blasphemers took it down again! Flibinite (Annie) just pipping the Dog who played for The Vikings. The Blasphemers stretch their lead, now sitting on 10 points.

Friday 27th – A day away from poker today. My wife has left the country, and I’ve got the kids to look after. Thank God sh’s coming back soon!

Saturday 28th – Global Gaming Events in association with the OFC held another forum challenge. 98 players paid $5 for cash prizes and the chance to win a trip to Mexico. I was in the zone for the full game, but the blinds froze at 300/600 and I ended up playing for 5 hours. A complete joke for this type of thing to happen. If the blinds incremented as they should have, I would have slaughtered them and taken 1st place. But after 5 hours I just got bored and tired and then played virtually every hand in the hope that I take people out or be taken out myself. I ended up in 4th place claiming $49 for my efforts, and a $27 satellite entry for the weekly $150K event at Vegas Poker. WTG To Arizona for making the final table too.

Later, decided to play the forum game for a small but dainty $2. After two huge suckouts against the boss I became chipleader early on. Went on to win against Netty after a tremendous battle. My slowplayed pocket Kings against her A5 on a board of K86AA. Another $12 odd to the kitty.

Sunday 29th – Went to the footbal to see my team, Celtic, beaten 3-1 by the Jam Tarts, but was only really there for the party. Celtic lifted the League Championship trophy for the 2nd season in a row, after winning in the dying seconds of the game against Killie. Here’s how they won it, along with authentic japanese commentary! 🙂    Champions!

Later in the day, I played the $400 freeroll that the forum won in a recent OFC challenge. All those that played for the forum was invited to play this game. It lasted almost 3hours and I went heads up with Blagger. I had a good chiplead. When the final hand arrived, it was a belter! I raised on the small blind and Blagz tells me hes going all-in, which he duly does. Unknown to him, I had THE hand! All I said to him was, “I’ve just opened the portal!” Oh-oh came the reply as I called and showed pocket 6’s against his pocket 2’s. The flop and turn helped no-one, but the river popped up that 3rd 6. How ironic that the original messenger of the portal is gazzumped by the 6h 6c 6d. A nice little $100 profit for the win with a spirited Blagz, bagging $75.


So, That was my weekend. Unfortunately, a agame I played tonight didn’t go according to plan. I should never have played it as I had just woken up…. bad move. But I don’t care as I made a total profit of just short of $155 plus my $7 in entry fees back. A good weekend as far as I’m concerned…..

Till next time…..


One Response to Coining it in…

  1. Blagger says:

    Nice idea laying it out like diary mate 😉

    The heads up was funny and short lived.. Sheesh the 6’s getting me was underhand lol.. Still that is just the kinda thing “HE” likes to see.. you got rewarded for being a sly so and so.. great stuff lol..

    Again mucho fun night had by all, well those in Skype that we were hooked up too..

    I owe you one yanno.. gotcha number in my lil black book!..;)

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