Hacked off!


A very apt title this week. As members of the forum will no doubt be aware, it more or less was deleted this week. A hacker had gained access to my account and deleted all the threads and posts. All that was left was the header picture! I found out via a phone call from the bossman asking if I had deleted anything! As it turned out my computer wasn’t even on at the time, but knowing that it was my account that was deleting everyhting, put me into a blind panic. If they managed to get into my forum account, what else did the hackers have access to?

I had been having a load of problems with my computer contracting viruses and stuff and had thought that I had managed to get it all sorted out. Obviously not! It seems as if the hackers had used a key logger to try and access my details but the only passwords that I had entered in the week prior to the attack was my forum details. Which in retrospect was quite lucky.

My wife normally goes into our online banking account every day, but she had been out of the country and I hadn’t bothered checking it. All my poker sites have automatic logins for the most part – well at least the ones I used that week, so I didn’t need to type in any passwords.

Anyways, with all this going on, I felt I had no option but to completely format my hard drive and start from scratch. So this is what I have been doing for the past few days. But, to my horror, I still had a virus after the format. It seems as if the virus has lodged itself in the boot sector of the hard drive so I still have some work to do.

Luckily, me old mate Blagger, had sent me a computer that was set-up and ready to go. So, hopefully I should have no more problems. If only I had set it up earlier in the week…..

On to poker, and obviously with all this mess I didn’t have time to play any these past few days. But the forums’ sit and go league continued as planned on Tuesday and Thursday, with CrazyYorkie, aka Panther, aka Sue, taking down the 1st game for the ‘Black Panthers’ and my very own Varmint team mate Jimplay taking down Thursdays. After 4 games, the league is starting to hot up!

Now that I’m sorted out on the computer front, i’ll be playing again this weekend. So after my unscheduled sabbatical, you all better watch out!

See ya at the tables!


6 Responses to Hacked off!

  1. svcmgr says:

    If Blagger ever starts charging us for all his help, we are in BIG trouble. lol
    He is a great guy and a good friend to have.
    Good luck with the new PC and I hope to see you around this weekend.
    Jimplay played a good game last night. He ended up taking me out when we were heads up.
    I understand the forum is moving this weekend so hopefully everything will get straightened out and we can get back to our normal disfunctional selves..lol
    I too was on a little sabbatical so I am ready for ya!
    See ya later…………bwahahahaha

  2. zitlips says:

    Hackers…Truely nightmarish. I am however a little confused. I do know a little about computers (limit knowledge but…) and I read all of the time about virus’s, keyloggers, malware, adware, and the really tricky ones..rootkits.
    Now it sounds like your computer was really infected with more than a keylogger. A keylogger records your keystrokes when your typing, and whoever put the keylogger into your pc is able to watch or record those keystrokes.
    Anyone can buy or make a keylogger. They sell them openly everywhere. Some are used by parents (unknowingly to their children) to track where their kids are when online and what they are saying online.
    Others use them for more nefarious reasons.. like obtaining credit info, credit card #s etc.etc.
    While its most likely you inadvertantly downloaded one from a (ahem) less than reputable site, it is also quite possible that a friend, family member, or a friend of one of your kids put it in there intentionally.
    Rootkits are something I’m still reading on and trying to fully comprehend at preaent. Maybe Blagger can help us with information on these. I do know that if you go to Komando.com (This is something I do EVERYDAY) you can read up on these by checking two areas there. Those areas are “cool sites” and “tips” Also check the free software downloads available there. There’s free programs dealing with just about any of these hackers crap.

    As for the fact that after wiping your hard drive and the virus still being there, I believe this is called a “boot sector virus”. This is the absolute worst virus anyone can obtain. Most virus’s screw windows up, boots, wont even let you get to windows.
    While this rambling may be misinformed, i’m just trying to help a little here so bear with me if I’m wrong.

    Anyway…how and what’s your firewall??…Is your modem or hub encrypted?…If not, then anyone can sit outside your home from a short distance say 75 feet, and pick up your signal if you have a wireless antenea on your modem.
    Spooky huh?

    Ok…enuf blabberin by me. Blagger can you please enlighten us when you get time about rootkits. Komano.com does have several free programs for checking and removing these.
    Oops…one last thing…if you or anyone in your home does a lot of surfing on the net, it is absolutely crucial to run all of your anti virus and such programs without fail at least once a week.

  3. zitlips says:

    By the way…here’s the link to komando.com and rootkit info and download


  4. zitlips says:

    UPDATE: I downloaded all the rootkit programs there and ran them.
    They found nothing at all.
    This tells me that my two main programs….”Windows Live OneCare” and “Ccleaner” work as expected…extremely well…
    Windows Live OneCare costs me $50 a year and it allows 3 pc’s in your home to run it. I really love this program and feel it is worth every cent. I have had it for 2 years now and have had absolutely no bugs whatsoever.
    I highly recommend it.

  5. dagopher says:

    Thanks for the info Lippy. Will be sure to check that site out. And it will be interesting to hear what our resident computer guru has to say. Just keep it simple Blags – in a language I can understand! 😉

    My comp is on every day and both my wife and I surf quite a bit. So did the kids until I set up the new comp! LOL Now they’re banned from going near it. I will get the other one fixed though, when I get time. I just need to do a proper hard format to delete the boot sector information – basically takes the hard drive back to factory condition.

  6. Blagger says:

    When yah get ready I’ll sort you out that back to factory script.. type at yah later folks..

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