All change!


After the hacking incident last week, the forum has now moved to pastures new. We now have our own site back up and running and are using a new forum. Check it out by clicking here.

It was a busy weekend as far as I was concerned, as I had to move all the league stuff over to the new forum. As with everything new, there were a few teething problems that now seem to have been sorted out, so here’s hoping everything goes smoothly from here on in.

As for poker, not a lot to talk about. I won a few sit and go’s in the last few days – none of them hold’em though. I seem to be winning in probably my least accomplished game – omaha hi/lo. I don’t really know if I’m getting better at the game or if the omaha golden horseshoe is firmly stuck up my rear end, or if I’m just getting lucky and playing with people who don’t really have a clue either!

But tonight, its back to hold’em as I’m playing a satellite tourny for entry into a $150K guarenteed event. Blagz was thinking about joining me in the tourny as he has a couple of satellite tickets waiting to be used up.

As I’ve not been doing too good lately in hold’em I’m going to re-read my own articles to give myself a refresher as I’m sure I’m forgetting to do some of the important stuff. The articles helped me when writing them (dusts the old cobwebs of the brain when writing them) and I did see a marked improvement in my game.

So, thats my tip of the day for you all today. Sit and take stalk of where your game is at, at the moment. Read a few articles to give yourself a little refresher. Try and pinpoint where you might be going wrong in your game. Constant self analysis definately helps improve your game. The more you think about it the more focused you will be at the table, come game time. Remember, poker is a game of constant learning. The more practice you put in, and the more studying you do will make you a better player.

Till next time….. I’m off to do some reading!


One Response to All change!

  1. Blagger says:

    Sorry about zzzing and missing the game mate..

    Yup never stop trying to learn even if you think you’ve learned it already. I find every time I go back to a book there is always something I missed first time around.

    Hopefully see yah on the felt this weekend bud..

    Keep up the blogging, valuable nuggets of information tucked away in these here blogs!

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