It’s happening again!!!


How do you maintain an interest in poker? Please, can someone tell me???

I wrote a few months back about having the ‘can’t be bothered’ syndrome when it came to poker.  This affects all players at some time. The last time it happened to me I was on a very bad streak where, no matter how well I played, I still ended up being put out of games by abismal play from the other player – and them getting lucky. That would put anyone on a downer!

Well, it has returned. But this time, I cannot put it down to being unlucky. If anything, I’m playing quite well at the moment, but am finding I am losing interest in all the games I play. For example….. last Friday, I played a forum game at PKR. I dominated early proceedings, but once we got down to the final table, I just decided I had had enough. I could not be arsed playing any longer.

I tried to play my normal game, but actually ended up playing like a bingo player…. chasing poor draws knowing fine well I was beaten. In effect, I tried to wrap the game up as quickly as possible. In reality, I was up against players whom I knew were not easy pickings, but I still tried it. (Apologies BTW to those at that final table). In the end I got my just deserts by going all-in with a K 9 offsuit (when there was no need) and was called instantly by pocket rockets.

So back to the real issue. How to get rid of the apathy for the game. How do I regain the appetite for the battle? I mean, I’ve heard all of the ususal words of wisdom (and advocated them myself), like,’take a break from the game’, or ‘change to the cash tables instead of sit and gos’ etc… but I don’t think any of it is going to work.

Why, you may ask. Well basically because the pull is still there. I cannot help but get involved in a game. As I said, it’s after around an hour into the game that the ‘cant-be-arsed’ syndrome kicks in.

I’ve still to work out if it only happens in the private games (where the majority of the regular players are tighter than two coats of paint), or if it has spread to oudside of the forum.

One thing that could be a major contributer to this syndrome is that I have caught a virus…. not any virus that makes you ill. I’m infected with the downloading bug. In the last week or so, I cannot pull myself away from downloading more and more music/DVD’s etc. I truly am hooked. It’s been ages since I downloaded stuff from the internet and now I just can’t get enough.

So for the time being, I’ll play only the odd sit and go and of course the S&G Challenge games at the forum. It will be a case of ‘see how I feel’ for any other games, as I will more than likely be downloading again…


9 Responses to It’s happening again!!!

  1. Dickie D says:

    “Take a break”
    – no seriously. I mean take a total break for at a week. Read some poker magazines during that week, watch poker on tv if you can.
    Give it a week and you will be hungrier than ever to kick ass at the tables again.

  2. netsson says:

    I know the feeling, stated the same thing in my blog, not hungry for it even if i reg and start the game with the right intentions about one hour into the game or reaching final table it doesn’t really matter how it goes and i begin to make moves i know are stupid and not right. I’ve tried to rationalize it to been having to much going on, can’t focus, too much workor something else. The funny bit is in the team sitngo challenge i get really focused and feel the hunger to win and or in some sitngoes once every other week i can feel the itching or urge to make money again

    But how to solve it besides taking a break i don’t know!

    (or maybe it would help if i piss you off so much your honour depends on the fact you really must beat me at the final table? Not a very good choices thou, i’m a really nice person who can’t bully anyone that much)

    Well anyone got any ideas?

  3. svcmgr says:

    I have found that playing with the Skype crew sometimes helps. I have been at the computer, not really interested in playing, then after talking to the “crew” for a while I will join a game.
    Having other people interested in what you are doing helps me play a little better sometimes. Other opinions regarding hands, players, etc. keeps me thinking.
    I do think you are right, the league games can be really boring sometimes because it tends to be a very tight game.
    Have you tried a different game? Omaha, Razz, etc. Something that will not only be challenging but something you are learning also to keep you interested.
    I think I get bored sometimes during a tourny because it can put me in a rut. Fold, fold, raise, blah, blah, blah, all-in.etc…..
    I loose the challenge of it all. Unless I pick out one or two people that have made some Monkey plays and I decide I am going to take them out. That can make it more fun and challenging.
    Anyway, good luck bud. We have all been there. Let us know what works for you.

  4. zitlips says:

    Dave said it best i feel…other than that it is truely a dilemma with no pat answer…I wonder if you might ask some true pro’s in the full tilt forum or some other elite forum about poker burnout. Maybe even a poker magazine.

  5. zitlips says:

    Oops…I also might mention…I have had this feeling too, was only when I was playing all day everyday…my job takes that opportunity away from me now, so I really treasure every game I’m in which is about 1 game a day or every other day. These are usually short sitngo games of 10 to 45 people.
    Staring at a computer for too long a time will also drag ya down. So it may be either poker or computer eyes burnout..
    Try spending less than 2 hours at a time on your pc. If you play a multi tourney, stay away from the pc for at least 2 hours before the game.
    Try it…you might really be suprised at what happens.

  6. dagopher says:

    All good ideas guys! I have been playing more Omaha hi/lo recently and I do tend to be a bit more focused in these games – probably because there are so many permutations when playing omaha that you have no choice but to concentrate.

    Like you Netty, the S&G challenge does bring the best out in me – as last night proved 😉 . It’s the other games that I’m failing on.

    Lippy – I think you may be on to something with the computer burnout. I don’t think I’ve hit another poker burnout yet. But I do tend to spend a good few hours per day on the comp, at work as well as at home. Fair enough, I’m not playing poker all that time, but just being sat in front of that monitor for so long must have an effect on you.

    So with all that said and done, I’m going to start taking days away from the comp except for really essential stuff. I’m also going to do waht Lippy suggested and find out what the pro’s do in a burnout scenario.

    Thanks again for your suggestions guys!

  7. Blagger says:

    Nice win in the challenge SNG mate..

    I hear yah, re; the apathy setting in again.. For all my efforts I also still find this apathy dragging me back all the time.

    But I have a seedling of an idea that might help break the trend. Once I have got my head around the idea and kicked it about a bit more, I’ll blog it.

    Good luck on the green goatskin till then.. 😉

  8. Bamdyou says:

    Sorry if you feel this is just dragging up a dead topic, but I just wanted to add a couple of suggestions. Firstly use a prop, I know this is gonna sound stupid but if you can find something that you assosciate with focusing during a game use it. I have two, since I wear glasses I’m always adjusting them which just makes me take that extra\ second longer to look at a play. My second prop is my trucker cap, I bought this specifically for this reason whenever I’m in a tournement and I feel my concentration slipping or hit a string of bad beats, the ‘poker concentration cap goes on.’

    Hope y’all dont take me as some kinda nut job after this 😉

  9. dagopher says:

    LOL… no mate… any suggestions welcome! And I have to say that yours has not ever been mentioned. One I will definately have to try!

    Thanks for the feedback folks!

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