bad man


OK… I’m a bad man! I’ve not updated the blog for some time now, but I do have a good reason!

As I talked about in my last entry, I’m still in poker limbo at the moment. I just haven’t been able to muster up any enthusiasm for the game whatsoever. It seems, the longer I stay away from logging into a poker site, the less chance of me playing online for a while.

Its a strange situation, as I did have the urge to play, but as soon as I logged into a site, I just wanted straight back out. The only exception to this is the forum’s sit and go league. It’s the only games where I feel the need to WIN…. the urge to play returns. But as soon as these games are over then I’m back to square one.

I did however, play a freeroll game at Cake Poker the other day that I did enjoy and did manage to cash in. OK, it was only $0.55, but the important thing was that I did get enjoyment from the game. Could this be the return of the Gopher? We’ll just have to wait and see!

I will try and get back into updating the blog on a more regular basis, but I have been busy (outwith the complete poker scene) so it has been difficult. I have a few articles up my sleeve for future updates, including the promised final table strategy (from months ago!), so hopefully, these will start rolling out soon.

Catcha all later, and you never know…. you just might see me back at the tables!


2 Responses to bad man

  1. svcmgr says:

    I have been in the same situation myself.
    The urge to play just isn’t there. I have tried to get it back by “forcing” myself to play to see if the competitive juices come back but that usually doesn’t work for me.
    I am still not likeI used to be. I enjoy the ocassional League tournys and I have fun with the skype crew too.
    Other than that, I normally don’t go playing by myself.
    I don’t know if is the percived lack of challenge by me or something else. Maybe, after a while of not relly playing, it will come back.
    If I find a secret cure, I’ll let you know.
    Hang in there….

  2. netsson says:

    I’ve come across myself getting this gutfeeling “no, no play today it’s no use i only loose!” Can’t find that comfortable feeling for the game and then i just stay away! I only log on to the sites to watch our leaguegames or some other table to try and learn something!

    Like yesterday i woke up to late for our game at pokerchipsquad and felt somewhat happy for that! i logged on in the exact moment registration closed and in the aftemath of this very heavy weekend i would probably gotten myself knocked out first hand

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