A wee update


Poker has taken a back seat lately. I still can’t remove myself from the ‘can’t be bothered’ corner. But I have played a couple of forum games, fairing not too badly in some of them.

PKR games on a Friday night have been my more successful games of late, winning 2 out of the last 3, including last nights game. Games at Abs/Vegas though have been the complete opposite, even going out on the very first hand last week.

bingoBut for my shortcoming in forum games at Abs/Vegas, I am doing a tad better in sit and gos, especially multi table sit and go’s. Last night I played a 45 player game along with a few of the skype crew. As is now tradition on a Friday, I had had a few beverages down my neck before hooking up with the crew. Once the game started I felt good and played well – that is until the final table where I went a bit card dead. Being almost 3am I started losing concentration and taking chances when there were 3 players left. I say chances, but most of the time I had half decent hands and I was up against a complete monkey and his sidekick! Needless to say, the one hand where I thought monkey play was happening I got stung big style. For once the guy had a decent hand.

Anyways I finished 3rd in that game for just over $14 and along with the $22.50 won in PKR earlier, I made a nice wee profit from the two games from a $7 investment.

I enjoyed the games last night. I felt as though the recent lethargy had lifted and I had that will to win return. Long may that continue.

This weekend see’s more challenge games at Vegas. Not forum challenges, but country challenges. A bit of a silly concept as US players have other countries outnumbered big style, so are likely to win it for their country. But that won’t put me off in the slightest. I’ve done well in the past in these games (a 4th place last time out), and I don’t really play for the country. I play for myself. I’m more interested in making money for myself than gaining a freeroll for my country!

The forum is kicking off another league tomorrow, with points scored in private games. It’s not something I will be focusing on to be honest, mainly because I play virtually zero games during the week and only play a select few at the weekends. I would probably have to win every single game I entered to be anywhere near winning. Even then, I’d probably still be beaten by those that will play virtually every game. So the league isn’t really on my ‘to do’ list.

OK, update over, I’m off to get ready for the country challenge game. Hope to see ya all at the tables at some point. Take it easy.


One Response to A wee update

  1. zitlips says:

    Summer sure bites into the poker scene it seems.

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