Holiday time….

July 31, 2007

I’m off on my holidays tomorrow, so no more posting for me for a few weeks. I’m off to Florida with the family. So may the poker gods (and devils!) be with you all. Hope ya make plenty of money off the monkeys!!



July 24, 2007


I didn’t realise until these last few days that the internet rules my life! Not just poker, but the internet in general. At the weekend, my internet connection started playing up. I had signed up for a game of poker at William Hill – a $10 + $1 head-hunter – 30mins before it was due to start. I walked away from the computer and when I returned, my modems’ LED’s was giving one of those colourful displays that immediately says….. YOU’RE SCREWED!

smashcompYes, I was on the verge of smashing the computer to pieces, even though it wasn’t the comp’s fault! Well I needed to vent my frustrations somewhere! It wasn’t for the fact that the internet had ceased to exist for me, it was the fact that I had just paid $11 in total for a tournament that I couldn’t now play!

Cue the phone calls to my ISP. A lot of help they were with their stupid automated phone lines. Can you believe this…. they suggest looking at their website for updates!!! Either that or call a over-priced technical line for updates! Their problem, and they want me to pay to call a technical helpline that will tell me what I already know!!! Yes, your fricken broadband connection has went tits-up! All I want to know – for free – is when the hell is it going to be fixed!

Eventually, 35mins after the tournament had started, (1 hour after losing said connection) I managed to log back on. Woohoo! My connection was back. But….. my chips had been depleted and I was the shortstack. The next closest player to me had 3 times as many chips. I lasted exactly one hand where my full house, nines over aces was beaten by a rivered aces over threes! Not a happy bunny, I can tell you!

I had also intended to play a headhunter put on by the league at Cake poker….. but my internet crashed yet again. So the comp was switched off, shouted abuse at the wife (trying to blame her for the problems!) and stomped off to bed.

On Monday I had similar ‘intermitant’ problems so basically stayed away from the computer to save my blood pressure hitting the roof. Today (Tuesday), the internet crashed at work. I’m beginning to think I’m cursed!! But at home, everything seems to have settled down (fingers crossed!).

Anyways, to the future……

As of this moment, there is 1 sleep until my birthday, 4 sleeps until my wedding anniversary and 8 sleeps until going on holiday to Florida! Yes, my kids have got me counting the days to events in the number of ‘sleeps’ it is to the event!

So basically, I will probably be posted missing for the majority of this week as I’m also intending to play a live game on Friday (a birthday treat of sorts). Hopefully catch up with you all at some point though before heading off on holiday!

Is it contagious – the debate continues….

July 18, 2007


Following on from last weeks post I have to say that I’m loving the debate! Great points from everyone and such a conflict of opinions. Just what I was looking for!

As I said in last weeks blog, I’m not saying poker sites are cheating. I just find it quite coincidental that so many people from our little community are going through pratically the exact same sequence of events…. and no, I don’t think its just players from our forum! After reading the comments thus far, and having a wee think about it all, I’ve came to a conclusion. I think it’s all software related!

No, not that the software has a glitch in it. No, not that the software has been tampered with. I think it’s a case of learning how a site works and playing it to your advantage. Up until a year ago Jetset Poker was a popular site. It shut down after the UIGEA bill went through in the US. This site was well known for the river flushes it produced and people would call all-in bets with a flush draw knowing that they would hit their flush more often than not. That was just how the software operated. People cottoned onto this and played to the software’s ‘failings’.

I think the same applies to every site out there. You have to learn how it operates and exploit the failings in the software. Maybe those of us who have suffered the Abs/Vegas suckout phenomenon have lost sight as to how the sites software works, and we are not taking advantage. Have we became a bit pompous, proclaiming that we are poker players, and we shall not play like a monkey; and it’s against our better judgement (as poker players) to chase to the river? Should we not be taking advantage of the ‘flaws’ in the software of all the sites we play? Even if that means changing our mindset as poker players?

I just get the feeling that we are too proud to admit sometimes, that we think we should be aiming to play the perfect poker game all the time online. Yes, we should be striving to become better all-round poker players, but we should not lose sight, and react to the flaws of online poker. I’m not advocating chasing to the river any chance we get, but there is some instances when maybe we should do it. If we know there’s a good chance of sucking out (because we know how the software operates), and it’s not going to cost too much to call, why don’t we take the gamble? It seems others do it and get away with it so why can’t we do the same?

Maybe some of those we refer to as monkeys aren’t as stupid as they seem. Maybe they are opting to gamble on how the software works as opposed to the unadulterated  stupidity we often label them with.

A different concept on this topic, I’m sure you will agree. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

Is it contagious?

July 8, 2007


I’ve wrote about it quite a few times, and now I’m reading about it from others in the forum and in blogs – apathy towards poker, and just plain pissed off with poker!

It’s all taking the same forms. Either people are playing and getting dismal cards or on the end of constant horendous bad beats, or are just ‘pokered-out’! For me personally, I’ve rediscovered a few things that I used to enjoy, and these things have taken a huge chunk from my poker playing. Yes, I have better things to do than  play poker constantly!

angrypokerI can sympethise with those who feel the need to take a break, whether it’s because of a loss of form or on a big bad luck streak. If you remember, I wrote a piece on it a few months ago when I was going through the most difficult few months of my poker playing career. No matter what I did I lost. I knew I was playing good poker – going in with the best hands – only to see them gazzumped by idiot calls with idiot cards. There’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s so demoralising. And it makes you want to rip someones head off!!

One of the forum guys, and regular blog commentor, Lippy, is one of those going through a bad spell. He is blaming the site he has been playing at – something I have done too. It’s very easy to blame the site you play at as ‘favouring’ some players over others. Normally I am the first to poo-poo this suggestion, but considering most of my bad beats/suckouts/general shit luck was at the very same site, and also a few others have aslo commented that this is happening to them on this site, it is really starting to make me wonder.

Now I’m not for one second going to go all guns blazing and say the site is cheating certain players intentionally, but there is a pattern forming that has and is been noticed. Everyone who has complained about a bad spell has said the exact same things regarding this site.

Lippy for one generally cashes in at least a third of sit and go games he enters. Recently, he has reported that out of at least the last 20 games he has played he has got nowhere near the payouts. I know this is unusual for Lippy. I also know that what he is going through mirrors what happened to me a few months back.

Netsson, our little Sweedish angel, is going through the exact same thing. Gotmewrong has went through it recently too (although she did eventually pick up a nice $300+ prize a couple of weeks ago.)

We have all suffered the problem with going in with the best hand only to see someone calling with a hand so crap that they need both the turn and river cards to help them. Basically, a once in a bluemoon catch! The problem lies in that it’s not once in a bluemoon….. its every single game you play, and can be seen happen at least twice in each game!

The site seems to reward the idiots who call all-ins with 7 4 off up against your pocket aces. Normally, the flop is hugely in your favour with say a 8 A J showing. Then it hits you….. a 5 on the turn and you just know that the river will be a 6. You actually predict it! And there it drops….. that 6. They hit the ONLY two cards needed to beat you. The odds of it happening are huge. For it to happen to you in 10 games in a row (as happened to me…. and I’m being conservative!) the odds are of biblical proportions. The likelihood of seeing that happen in live games is virtually nil.

So why does it happen? Online sites use Random Number Generators (RNG’s) which supposedly give a completely random deal of cards. So why does the overwhelming favourite go down to so many unlikely beats? To me these sites need people spending money for them to make any profit – that’s obvious. To make more money the sites need more games starting. I think that the software deliberately hands out these beats to quicken the game, in the hope that when someone is knocked out of one game they will go into another. They want a constant turnover of games. How it chooses who is on the recieving end of these beats God only knows. But when you are that person it certainly is not fun.

How did I get through it? Well, I basically stopped playing at the site for around a week. Then I went back and played a few sit and go’s to see if anything changed. When nothing had changed I left it another week before playing again. Eventually it did turn around and I started winning again. The monkey had been passed onto someone elses back!

You will notice that I have not named the poker site that all this seems to happen at. I don’t think I need to…. just wait for the comments and I’m sure someone else will! I have more or less moved away from the site and only play the odd forum game and the odd game with the skype crew. Mainly because I’ve found a little nest-egg of a site that I really enjoy, and therefore tend to spend my time there.

So tell me…. is there a problem with online sites? Do you think they favour some players over others, or is it just the software deciding its your turn for an extreme run of cold cards? Conspiracy or are those who have suffered these events just a bit paranoid?