I didn’t realise until these last few days that the internet rules my life! Not just poker, but the internet in general. At the weekend, my internet connection started playing up. I had signed up for a game of poker at William Hill – a $10 + $1 head-hunter – 30mins before it was due to start. I walked away from the computer and when I returned, my modems’ LED’s was giving one of those colourful displays that immediately says….. YOU’RE SCREWED!

smashcompYes, I was on the verge of smashing the computer to pieces, even though it wasn’t the comp’s fault! Well I needed to vent my frustrations somewhere! It wasn’t for the fact that the internet had ceased to exist for me, it was the fact that I had just paid $11 in total for a tournament that I couldn’t now play!

Cue the phone calls to my ISP. A lot of help they were with their stupid automated phone lines. Can you believe this…. they suggest looking at their website for updates!!! Either that or call a over-priced technical line for updates! Their problem, and they want me to pay to call a technical helpline that will tell me what I already know!!! Yes, your fricken broadband connection has went tits-up! All I want to know – for free – is when the hell is it going to be fixed!

Eventually, 35mins after the tournament had started, (1 hour after losing said connection) I managed to log back on. Woohoo! My connection was back. But….. my chips had been depleted and I was the shortstack. The next closest player to me had 3 times as many chips. I lasted exactly one hand where my full house, nines over aces was beaten by a rivered aces over threes! Not a happy bunny, I can tell you!

I had also intended to play a headhunter put on by the league at Cake poker….. but my internet crashed yet again. So the comp was switched off, shouted abuse at the wife (trying to blame her for the problems!) and stomped off to bed.

On Monday I had similar ‘intermitant’ problems so basically stayed away from the computer to save my blood pressure hitting the roof. Today (Tuesday), the internet crashed at work. I’m beginning to think I’m cursed!! But at home, everything seems to have settled down (fingers crossed!).

Anyways, to the future……

As of this moment, there is 1 sleep until my birthday, 4 sleeps until my wedding anniversary and 8 sleeps until going on holiday to Florida! Yes, my kids have got me counting the days to events in the number of ‘sleeps’ it is to the event!

So basically, I will probably be posted missing for the majority of this week as I’m also intending to play a live game on Friday (a birthday treat of sorts). Hopefully catch up with you all at some point though before heading off on holiday!


One Response to Aaaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!

  1. zitlips says:

    Damn!!! That is just so much crap. I hear so much about this happening and I just have a hard time understanding why.
    In the last 4 years I have only been booted twice.
    Is my internet provider that much better? Can you get a better provider?
    Where I live, Idaho, we residents call the provider when there is a problem and tell them we want to cancel. Thats all it takes and POOF !!!! as if it’s a wave of a magic wand, they do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in their power to keep us. This may even mean sending out a tech for free to fix the problem.
    Realistically; Speaking to a phone jockey at your provider is a complete waste of time. They may have a whole 3 days of training….woopie.
    So they refer you to the wrong person, who in turn refers you to a person with 2 weeks experience who knows little more than anyone else.
    The turn over rate with these phone monkeys is astronomical. Usually the person with the most time there is the one who is too stupid to quit.
    So….quit wasting your time and cancel out…see what happens. If nothing happens, then your provider sucks and is a cheap ass company anyway.
    Move to another one even if it costs a few bucks more.
    Hope this helps.

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