Holiday time….

I’m off on my holidays tomorrow, so no more posting for me for a few weeks. I’m off to Florida with the family. So may the poker gods (and devils!) be with you all. Hope ya make plenty of money off the monkeys!!


3 Responses to Holiday time….

  1. Blagger says:

    A few weeks? Man I am jealous already.. have fun bud 🙂

  2. svcmgr says:

    Have fun bud!
    Like Blagger says “A few weeks”? Nice!
    At least you have a excuse. Blagger hasn’t posted in weeks and he is still here! lol
    Have a safe trip. See ya when you get back.

  3. netsson says:

    Aaaah why couldn’t you pack me in your suitcase and bring me along?

    Me jealous tooooo but have a real great time and don’t forget we need a lot of pics when you get back.

    hugs and be safe hon

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