The Meet

I was going to bring you a post about continuation and information betting, but just not had time to finish it. Should be done and dusted for the beginning of next week.

And the reason for not finishing it??? The Pokerchipsquad meet!

The meet up takes place each September in Birmingham, UK. This year people came from as far as the US and Canada; from Denmark as well as the UK folks. Our first ‘International’ meet-up.

As expected, everyone had a fantastic time. There was so much partying went on, poker was starting to take a back seat! We played poker almost constantly but the craic was so good amongst everyone, that the games became like your friendly home games. No one was desperate to win – not to say that we were’nt trying – but the mood of everyone and the atmosphere dictated how the games went.

Gotmewrong was the most successful amongst us, reaching the final table at the casino £10 rebuy tourny, making 8th place for a return of £120! And she NEVER rebought! She then went on to win the forums ‘Briks ‘n’ Mortar Championship’ game the following day after an intense heads up battle with Bigjock.

Me, well I managed a 3rd place in one of our games for a £2.50 profit and that was me lot!! I just had one of those weekends. Got the starting hands and ended up getting outdrawn by a lesser hands. The golden horshoe was definately not in my vicinity!

I’ll take a lot of memories from this meet. None more so than the chocolate peanut incident!

On the Saturday night….. well 3am, Sunday morning, we had just finished yet another game of poker. Everyone was worse for wear and a few had started to get the munchies. Ash had bought a jar of chocolate peanuts and was throwing them in the air, trying to catch them in his mouth. Only thing was, the peanuts were landing in his mouth and bouncing out again and rolling across the table. KB, sitting at the opposite side of the table, thought that Ash was throwing the peanuts to him (he was very drunk…lol) , and there for started eating them. Absolutely hilarious. Had us all falling off our chairs with laughter! That was one helluva night!

I enjoyed meeting all the old and new faces. Special mention has to go to Pinky dragon, who flew all the way from Canada; Steph who came all the way from the US and Gotmewrong who came in from Denmark. Dedicated forum members, I’m sure you will agree, and such a pleasure and fun to meet.

It was good to eventually meet Paulie (Blagger) too! I’ve spoken to him often enough on skype, but didn’t expect to feel so comfortable face to face. Gotmewrong is a nutter, (as expected!) and Ash is just Ash – same good old chilled-out-constantly Ash. I wonder how he gets like that!!! 😉 🙂 And to Ruth… Hope you had a great Birthday!

Sue done as she said she would – grabbed two handfulls of my ass as soon as she seen me! Still mad as a hatter! Alan was completely different. I just couldn’t picture him walking – he had badly broken his leg at the last meet and was in a wheelchair. Popa, well what can you say? Just a star guy. A big gentle giant. Just glad he never brought any of his music along!!!

Everyone else was fantastic too…. Annie – crazy, Jock – Love the new look…lol, Karl and Slash – fantastic guys, Terry and Andy – the quiet ones. I don’t quite think they knew what they had let themselves in for when the came but soon got into the swing of things.

All in all a fantastic time that ended way too soon. I can’t wait for the next one.

By the way, I seem to be the official forum ‘DEALER’. (The card kind that is not the drugs 😉 ) I quite enjoy dealing but you just don’t realise how tiring it can be. I was knackered afer the games! But hey…. it was all part of the fun!


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