How the the blinds work


I’ve mentioned ‘blinds’ in a few posts, and have had a few people asking me what they are. So here’s a quick explanation on blinds.

Blinds are a compulsary bet that must be made by the two players to the dealers left before a hand is dealt. These compulsary bets ensure there is always money in the pot to play for. The blinds increase after either a set amount of time or after a set amount of hands have been played. Increaseing the blinds makes the game move along – the higher they get, the more the low chipstacks have to take risks.

If the blinds are shown as 20/40 this would mean that the small blind would post 20 and the big blind would post 40. To call a hand the minimum bet has to match the size of the big blind. Any bet after the flop has to be at least the value of the big blind.

As the dealer button moves around to the left each hand so does the blinds. This makes sure that no-one has an advantage – everyone has to post the blinds at some point.


As the game progresses and the blinds increase, another compulsary bet is introduced. This is called the ante. Everyone still seated at the table has to post the ante for every hand played. The ante varies from site to site but is normally roughly 10% of the big blind. So if the blinds are 200/400 (400 being the big blind) the ante would usually be 50. Obviously as the blinds increase the antes will increase too.

The introduction of antes makes the initial pot a lot bigger, but also means that you are losing chips every hand you don’t play. It is basically to speed up the game.

And that’s all there is to the blinds, and antes.

Any comments, or you want to add anything, feel free…..


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