The forum

December 17, 2007


I’ve just been and read the blogs regarding the shake up to the league and I feel the need to justify some things and correct others, and to put my thoughts across.

First off, let me say how disappointed I was that my mate Blagger was ‘shown the door’. He is a good poker player and is always there for anyone who wants help or tips with their poker game. Most of all he is a friend who I enjoy talking to, no matter the subject. But this whole issue of who stays or goes has nothing to do with me, even though I’m an admin. But I will still keep up with him on skype. Just because he is no longer a member of the forum does not mean to say I will cut all contact with him – admin or not! As I said, he is a friend. This dispute is between the forum owners and Blagz himself. Both parties are, or should, be aware of this. It’s just turned out that I’m playing ‘piggy in the middle’, and believe me, it’s not nice. I’m staying well out of the situation!

The situation with freerolls is that the sites that are used for league games no longer wish to put the free money up for grabs, unless it is cash added to buy-in games. Even then the sites are looking for minimum numbers to be playing each game. Failure to meet their (the site’s) criteria would mean them withdrawing the sponsored ‘added money’. Gone are the days when you could contact virtually any site and get freerolls. Now its a virtual non-starter with most sites.

So where does all this fit into the new forum setup? Basically, there will be no more freerolls. Not so much through choice, but more through neccessity. People have to be aware of the challenges facing all poker forums when trying to get free money from the sites. It rarely happens – unless you have the numbers to play the buy-in games.

This leads me to my next point. The member cull. A strong way of putting it maybe, especially from an admin, but that’s what it is, in my opinion. I completely agree that the deadwood – those that sign up then never post or play any game, and never return to the forum – should be weeded out. Why sign up if you are not willing to participate in any way, shape or form?

What I don’t agree with is people being forced to play if they want to remain a member. Very heavy handed in my opinion. I know a lot of people are in agreeance to this rule, but as has been said in Svcmgr’s blog, not everyone can make the games at the times they are set at. I know the forum can’t set up games at times to suit everyone, but you just cannot go around kicking people out who cannot play due to other commitments that interfere with game starting times. That is unjust and unfair. If they cannot play any games in a month solely due to game times will they be booted? What if they can’t play games but do enjoy posting in the forum? Should they be penalised just because their commitments to daily life coincide with poker games? Maybe I’m reading too much into all of this and my fears may not be realised. I’ll just have to wait and see.

As for the new divisions, well what can I say. I don’t like the new set up. At the end of the day, it’s still the old league in a different package.  In 6 months to a years time I suspect the division tables will look virtally identical to how the present league looks. Having spoken to one of the forum owners though, I can see why they want to go down this route, so I’m going along with it, although I won’t be participating in it.

Finally, my response to a comment regarding my position as admin.

I have had grave concerns with being an admin of the forum lately. My biggest concern being that I was not involved in any decision making whatsoever in recent months, including the most recent of changes to the forum. As an admin, the least I would have expected was not neccessarily to be a chief decision maker, but just to be involved in an exchange of ideas before anything is put out before the general membership of the forum. Not just ideas, but also any concerns I have. I was very disappointed with some of the responses to a recent post I had made from other admins, when all I was looking to do was to give my reservations on a certain subject – without being dismissive – and give alternatives to the subject concerned. In short, I was acting the way I think an admin should. As for the replies….. well I think you already get my gist.

However, as I said earlier, I have had a chat with one of the forum owners, which turned out to be quite productive. I was happy with the responses to my concerns and at the end of the day I will remain an admin for the time being. This was the first forum I joined after starting to play online poker and I would be gutted if I had to leave. The other staff members know of my concerns, so nothing written here should concern them. As I said to them in my post (in the forum staff room), I have nothing to hide and that goes for all members of the forum. If anyone wants to contact me regarding any of what I’ve written, feel free! I can be contacted by either personal message in the forum or by email, also through the forum. Alternatively, I can normally be contacted on Skype at the weekends. Failing that, you could always post a comment here. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.