On the up?

January 21, 2008


After my little ‘Resident Evil’ infatuation, it’s all calmed down a little in Dagopher’s household and hopefully I can get back to playing – and more importantly – enjoying poker again.

I joined another forum at the recommendation of some friends ( I’m not even going to name the forum!) and I’ve only managed to play one game – my last game! It was bingo city with people chasing with absolutely nothing and being rewarded for their efforts by the time the turn and river cards arrived. Normally it would be great to have a player like this at the table, but when there’s EIGHT of them, it’s imperative that you get your fair share of luck….ie. going in with the best hand and it standing up!

Apparently, it’s like this every game. I should have stuck to my original plan and not get involved with another forum so soon!!!

Anyways, for by this little error on my part, I’ve played only four other games – all sit and go’s. The 1st was an 18 player game at Vegas, where once again I was bingo’d out. I didn’t play that great in that game so wasn’t too bad. I then switched to Full Tilt and played a 4 player $2 heads up Omaha hi/lo game – winner takes all. I registered for this by accident, but played well and won it. I then played a 6 player $2 sit and go and managed 2nd for a cash. Over aggressiveness heads up killed my chances. I should have paid more attention to Svcmgr’s blog!

The last game I played was a £5 double your money game at William Hill. These are fantastic for a quick profit. 6 players start and finish in the top 3 and you get £10 back. Needless to say, I finished in the top 3! It would be an idea for the site to go one better though and make it a 7 player table, with the eventual winner trebling their money, and 2nd and 3rd doubling theirs. As it stands, once it’s down to 3 players – meaning all have cashed – everyone goes all-in every hand just to finish the game. No-one has anything to gain. I like to WIN so this is an idea I might just put to those lovely people at WillHills which would ensure more positive play.

So, as you can see, Resident Evil is slowly taking a back seat to poker, but I am starting to enjoy the game a bit more. I think my mojo is slowly finding its way home! Long may it continue!

I’m just going to take it easy for the time being and stick to playing at weekends, other than the odd freeroll set up by PokerPlayer (UK) magazine. And of course, I’ll be jumping into Skype to chat with the crew.

And what have I learned through the above experiences? Well, I’m doing the correct thing by slowly easing myself back into poker; playing games that I know I should be dominating and at least cashing, if not winning. I’ll continue this way and see how it goes.

 Good luck to you all and hopefully see ya on the felt!


Where’s my mojo???

January 9, 2008


Good to see Netty blogging again. And her latest post gives us a wee insite to our mysterious Sweedish friend! I have to admit though, she certainly has had some experiences that are unique (being mixed up with an 18 month old baby has to be a first…lol).

But, in her part on poker, she mentions that she is starting to find her poker-mojo. That is, her love and enjoyment of playing the game is returning. Sadly, my mojo still seems to be lost in the wilderness. I still don’t have any enthusiasm for the online game. I do however, still have the urge to play live games and I think this may be where the problem lies.

Over here in Scotland – in fact, the whole of the UK, poker has taken off in a huge way in the casinos. The problem is that the small buy-in games are usually rebuy tournies and it just turns into bingo city. But this makes me want to play them more and more!! I hate to rebuy in tournies. I want to, at the very least, get into the payout positions having spent the minimum amount on the buy-in.

I’ve seen people with a huge wad of cash sitting at the tables and going all-in with virtually every hand they get, no matter if its 9 4 offsuit or pocket rockets. They don’t care if they lose…. they’ve got plaenty of cash to rebuy. I want to take advantage of them!!! The more they contribute in rebuys, the more money in the pot.

But in these games, you need a huge slice of luck. When you are up against a serial rebuyer you know that they have to win at some point, and if they do happen to win a few pots, then they can dominate the table with severe aggression. You know – and they know – that you can only go with a major hand, even though you might think they are weak and are just trying the bully tactics. So how do you play against these idiots? (They are idiots if the don’t value money IMO!) Answers on a postcard please, or you can just post a reply!!

Anyways, back to my mojo, and another reason for it disappearing into the wilderness –  the Nintendo Wii games console!!! Yes, it has a lot to answer for, but it is just so much fun! If you have never played games on the Wii, I highly recommend you give it a go. But be prepared for a poker blackout if you find a game you love. For me, the game I love is Resident Evil. I’ve played earlier versions on other games consoles, but the Wii version is just so much better. It’s just so addictive!

So there you go! My mojo is too busy shooting up zombies/mutants/monsters to be playing online poker just now – other than the Friday Night Experiences with the skype crew. But I’m sure it will re-appear on the virtual felt sometime in the near future!

See ya all soon!

Out with the old, bring in the new!

January 2, 2008


2007 has been an eventful year in the poker world for me, to say the least. I haven’t quite made my (profit) targets for the year, but I haven’t made a loss. I’m only up about $1000 for the period. I had hoped to do better than that. But I do realise that there were some good reasons for this.

To begin the year I had a mediocre run on the tables – winning some losing some. By March, my confidence had increased and I was comfortable with the way I was playing. I started winning due to this confidence. But by the end of April, I became a little bored with poker and restricted my playing to weekends. This helped a little, but I was getting very few wins under my belt. However, I was still in profit after a few good cashes.

This boredom continued throughout the year and I found myself playing less and less, other than with the skype crew in a sit & go or two. Again, in these games, it was a case of win some, lose some. Although to be honest, I was losing more than winning. This has carried on right up to the present day. Lethargy for poker is still hanging around me. I think this is because I played way too much poker, and also the constant changes in my old forum. Just too much of the same thing for me.

I tried to play through it all (along with personal issues) and something had to give. So, as my last post announced, I left the forum in mid-December. The enjoyment had gone. Playing the same players all the time just got boring, and sometimes infuriating (see Dave’s blog for some of what I mean!!!)

The highlight for the year though is undoubtedly the forums’ meet in Birmingham in September. A good few of the folks there I had already met, and it was great to see them again. But I also met some new faces (but old voices…lol), and it was a privelage to finally meet Blagz, Gotmewrong, Steph and also Pinky who had travelled over from Canada. I had a great time of it and was sad that I had to leave the meet so early.

The lowlight was resigning from the forum – enough said about that.

So what’s for 2008? Well, I have a few ideas in mind on how I want to proceed with my poker playing career.

At the moment I have no wish to join another forum. I will continue sticking to playing at the weekends and chat with the skype crew. I will play forum challenges but will represent myself.

As for the games I will play…. well mainly sit and go’s and the odd MTT maybe, along with the odd forum challenge. I know that I’m going to have to move up in stakes too. Any sit and go under a $10 buy-in is just full of monkeys the majority of the time so I have to play the $10+ games. However, I first need to build a bankroll at the sites I play, so to start off the year I’m hitting the cash tables. It’s the quickest way to increase that bankroll and also I need to get more cash game experience.

Lastly, I’m going to play more live games at the casino. There’s nothing better than playing live. Theres a great buzz about it all and just the interaction at the table is enjoyable. I’m determined to cash in a few live games this year.

So, goodbye 2007, and welcome 2008! A fresh outlook on the poker front for me. I hope to see some of you on the virtual felt soon!

Happy New Year to you all!