Out with the old, bring in the new!


2007 has been an eventful year in the poker world for me, to say the least. I haven’t quite made my (profit) targets for the year, but I haven’t made a loss. I’m only up about $1000 for the period. I had hoped to do better than that. But I do realise that there were some good reasons for this.

To begin the year I had a mediocre run on the tables – winning some losing some. By March, my confidence had increased and I was comfortable with the way I was playing. I started winning due to this confidence. But by the end of April, I became a little bored with poker and restricted my playing to weekends. This helped a little, but I was getting very few wins under my belt. However, I was still in profit after a few good cashes.

This boredom continued throughout the year and I found myself playing less and less, other than with the skype crew in a sit & go or two. Again, in these games, it was a case of win some, lose some. Although to be honest, I was losing more than winning. This has carried on right up to the present day. Lethargy for poker is still hanging around me. I think this is because I played way too much poker, and also the constant changes in my old forum. Just too much of the same thing for me.

I tried to play through it all (along with personal issues) and something had to give. So, as my last post announced, I left the forum in mid-December. The enjoyment had gone. Playing the same players all the time just got boring, and sometimes infuriating (see Dave’s blog for some of what I mean!!!)

The highlight for the year though is undoubtedly the forums’ meet in Birmingham in September. A good few of the folks there I had already met, and it was great to see them again. But I also met some new faces (but old voices…lol), and it was a privelage to finally meet Blagz, Gotmewrong, Steph and also Pinky who had travelled over from Canada. I had a great time of it and was sad that I had to leave the meet so early.

The lowlight was resigning from the forum – enough said about that.

So what’s for 2008? Well, I have a few ideas in mind on how I want to proceed with my poker playing career.

At the moment I have no wish to join another forum. I will continue sticking to playing at the weekends and chat with the skype crew. I will play forum challenges but will represent myself.

As for the games I will play…. well mainly sit and go’s and the odd MTT maybe, along with the odd forum challenge. I know that I’m going to have to move up in stakes too. Any sit and go under a $10 buy-in is just full of monkeys the majority of the time so I have to play the $10+ games. However, I first need to build a bankroll at the sites I play, so to start off the year I’m hitting the cash tables. It’s the quickest way to increase that bankroll and also I need to get more cash game experience.

Lastly, I’m going to play more live games at the casino. There’s nothing better than playing live. Theres a great buzz about it all and just the interaction at the table is enjoyable. I’m determined to cash in a few live games this year.

So, goodbye 2007, and welcome 2008! A fresh outlook on the poker front for me. I hope to see some of you on the virtual felt soon!

Happy New Year to you all!


2 Responses to Out with the old, bring in the new!

  1. netsson says:

    Hey hon it’s soo good to see you’re planning for the future, starting to get your poker-mojo back bit by bit! Missed playing with and watching you kick asses at the table…. but most of all more blogposts to read… 😀 Happy New Year hon!

  2. dagopher says:

    Thanks netty! My mojo still seems a bit lost at the moment but I’m sure it will return soon enough – once I’ve had a few drinks on a Friday for example!!!

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