Where’s my mojo???


Good to see Netty blogging again. And her latest post gives us a wee insite to our mysterious Sweedish friend! I have to admit though, she certainly has had some experiences that are unique (being mixed up with an 18 month old baby has to be a first…lol).

But, in her part on poker, she mentions that she is starting to find her poker-mojo. That is, her love and enjoyment of playing the game is returning. Sadly, my mojo still seems to be lost in the wilderness. I still don’t have any enthusiasm for the online game. I do however, still have the urge to play live games and I think this may be where the problem lies.

Over here in Scotland – in fact, the whole of the UK, poker has taken off in a huge way in the casinos. The problem is that the small buy-in games are usually rebuy tournies and it just turns into bingo city. But this makes me want to play them more and more!! I hate to rebuy in tournies. I want to, at the very least, get into the payout positions having spent the minimum amount on the buy-in.

I’ve seen people with a huge wad of cash sitting at the tables and going all-in with virtually every hand they get, no matter if its 9 4 offsuit or pocket rockets. They don’t care if they lose…. they’ve got plaenty of cash to rebuy. I want to take advantage of them!!! The more they contribute in rebuys, the more money in the pot.

But in these games, you need a huge slice of luck. When you are up against a serial rebuyer you know that they have to win at some point, and if they do happen to win a few pots, then they can dominate the table with severe aggression. You know – and they know – that you can only go with a major hand, even though you might think they are weak and are just trying the bully tactics. So how do you play against these idiots? (They are idiots if the don’t value money IMO!) Answers on a postcard please, or you can just post a reply!!

Anyways, back to my mojo, and another reason for it disappearing into the wilderness –  the Nintendo Wii games console!!! Yes, it has a lot to answer for, but it is just so much fun! If you have never played games on the Wii, I highly recommend you give it a go. But be prepared for a poker blackout if you find a game you love. For me, the game I love is Resident Evil. I’ve played earlier versions on other games consoles, but the Wii version is just so much better. It’s just so addictive!

So there you go! My mojo is too busy shooting up zombies/mutants/monsters to be playing online poker just now – other than the Friday Night Experiences with the skype crew. But I’m sure it will re-appear on the virtual felt sometime in the near future!

See ya all soon!


8 Responses to Where’s my mojo???

  1. netsson says:

    OK How about this one hon?

    I came on the highway one morning heading home from work when something came crashing into my windshield. Stopped my car to have a look and a policecar stopped infront of me. It was a big seagull who crashed into the car and all that was left was a bit of it’s beak wich was firmly jamned right through the windshield about an inch long. And a white powdery substance on the roof of the car.

    The police told me that if they haven’t seen this happen with their own eyes they probably wouldn’t have believed me at all. And the insurancecompany said that if i havent gotten the statement from the police they wouldn’t have paid me a cent.

    And about the pokermojo i truly believe that the sidebet with SvcMgr and the taunting from Pinkdog helped me getting back the fun of the game. Every game i played from christmas Pinkdog was there to snap and yappeti-yapping at my heels on how he was right behind me, after my chips. i got more challenge right there just in trying to finnish better than they did. Not the anonymous, tiresom game with donk-play with ppl who just don’t care. Think you need to get in the skype more so we can play and maybe you too get your mojo back!!!

    Live-games hmmmm? wish i lived closer to the casino than the 3 hour drive i do now then i would play more live too!!

  2. svcmgr says:

    Goph, I too have suffered from mojodepletetion.
    It’s the challenge, not the game. You just need to like the game but you need to love the challenge.
    Maybe that’s why the Wii game has you right now. You like the game but the challange is what’s got you.
    So, maybe is isn’t poker so much it’s the challenge you face playing poker.
    We need to get you in a couple of side bet games. Maybe we can squeeze some competitive juices out of ya and get you liking it more.
    Either way, it would be fun.
    I hope to see you soon!

  3. netsson says:

    ooooh SvcMgr right on target…. that’s what got my mojo slowly coming back. Not the game but the challenge..

    I mean admit it you played better and had more fun than in a long time with the sidebet?
    Even thou you had a real hard time being carddead there and i felt for ya there.

  4. dagopher says:

    I agree… I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Dave! I don’t think I could have put it any better myself! I think the problem may lie in the fact that I can’t be bothered being sucked out by a donk again, or basically going in with the best hand, only to be outflopped…. again! But if I’m honest, it’s not been happenning as much as I probably think. That’s just my mindset at the moment.

    But as you say, I’ve found something that’s challenging me, in the console game (you really should try it…lol!)

    But I will be in for a little side bet now and again, don’t worry. Netty’s also 1 up on me, so I need to get even…lol

  5. PinkDog says:

    LOL, My buddy Terry is here and is gonna tell ya all a little bit about his MoJo bag that he carries everywhere he goes.

    Here’s Terry:

    Heard you want to hear about my mojo. Technically it’s called a, “Mojo Hand.”

  6. PinkDog says:

    Sorry, posted to soon.

  7. PinkDog says:

    Alright. I got it now. I don’t blog much…

    “The Mojo Hand”

    Way don yonder in Nawleans,(New Orleans, Louisiana. U.S.A.). There originated a sub-culture known as the Mulattos. Half Creole, Half Black, Half White, mostly French, Cherokee, and some other. The ones I’ve met, the men folk, called thems selves Coon Asses. Usually followed by mutherfucker. In polite company they would say Creole. The few I ever met claimed mostly French heritage a little black and a little caucasion,(white). They lived in the Bayou.

    The Bayou just made the news again a year or two back in the form of Hurricane Katrina. Same place. Same VooDoo. Black Magic. Heard about it all my life and came across my own version of Marie Lavou back in High School in a dark part of our town (circa, late 1960’s). She’s about ninety years old and took a liken to me one night when I was out drinking and carousing around town with my black friends. So, I had her concot me a genuine , “Mojo Hand.” Since then I’ve used numerous charms and spells, depending on the situation. Never failed me yet.

    My descendency dates back to a John Burns in Scotland int he 1600’s. We are supposedly descendent from the Scotts-Irish. Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone. Pops family is German. The familys fought on the opposite side of the Civil War. Grandma on my Mothers side told me about her grandmother, a Cheroke woman, who was part Creole. My Cousins still know some of the ancient chants, celtic and cherokee. From the cherokee we got the stores of the voodoo. Quite a stretch but someone said you asked. Now-a-days, it comes in handy as a Private Investigator. I’ve been doing it for about fifteen years here in Los Angeles, California and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you some of the cases that have been resolved through those means.

    My “Mojo Hand” is in a green felt bag with a yellow ribbon tying it shut. The bag is just under a fistful. You can hold it in your hand and conceal it but just barely. It has a small crystal, a green lodestone, a black cat bone, gold attracting powder, and finally, -no mojo hand is complete with out it, the great and all powerful, “High John The Conquer Root”. This combination, plus one or two other esoteric fetishes, that I have forgotten, plus the proper incantations over a properly constructed alter at the right position of the moon and the stars has yielded me more wealth than I could ever have imagined. My Mojo has been very very good to me. I have been faithful and have kept the mojo bag closed. None of it’s power has dissipated even after all these years.

    I just have to be careful how I use my Mojo.

  8. dagopher says:

    I have to get me on of those “mojo hands”! I’ve looked up all the ingredients, but I just can’t find myself a “green felt bag”!!! 🙂


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