Obscured by clouds

March 25, 2008


I started on a bad run of ‘luck’ almost a year ago. Donks have been crippling me left, right and centre, and my bankroll is down substantially. Yet it’s only in recent weeks that I’ve woke up and ‘smelled the coffee!’

Virtually every weekend, I get together with the skype crew and play a few games of poker. But while doing this, I enjoy a beer or five. Not to mention a little bit ‘mary-joanna’ too!

I’ve only just woken up to the fact that this is the reason I was on such a bad run. I was wondering why the skype crew didn’t enlighten me to this, but to be perfectly honest, they have been! It’s just that I’ve obviously been too pissed or stoned to realise it! Now that I’ve calmed down on my indulgences, I’m starting to cash again on a regualr basis.

This is something I should have picked up on before now. Especially considering I wrote a post on preparing for tournaments. One of the main things I said was to stay clear of alcohol or any other substance. If you must have a drink, limit it to one or two at the very most.

Drugs and alcohol impair your judgement – that is FACT. The past year is proof (to me at least) that this is deinately true. Yes, I still get donked out of tournies, but not to the same effect as before. Before, I was getting donked out of virtually EVERY tourny. My mind was obscured by clouds due to drinking and smoking. I had taken the line of thought that I was up against shit players who I could beat easily. I was unbeatable! But that theory went down the pan, night after night.

In truth, I normally am the best player at the table. But that does not give me the devine right to win every game I play. You have got to earn the win, no matter who you play, be it donks or good seasoned players. Being impaired means you will leave yourself open to taking risks. You make moves you wouldn’t normally make. You leave yourself open to any observant players who will eventually catch you making a simple mistake. Basically, you lower yourself to the level of some of your opponents – YOU become a bit of a DONK.

I’ve had to learn the hard way, and it’s taken me almost a year to realise it. So, don’t make the same mistake as me. If you are prone to a few drinks, or have a joint or two, do it away from the tables. Keep a clear mind for playing poker and you will reap the rewards.

I’m slowly getting back to winning ways, but I’ve picked up a lot of bad habits in the past year that I’m trying to eradicate. Removing the ‘impairments’ is just step one on the road to recovery…..

Comments are welcome as usual…….


Donks here, there and everywhere

March 11, 2008

post split

I’m really starting to get a bit pissed with the amount of donks there are at every online site I play at. In the last year I have ran into, and a lot of the time, been taken out of tournaments by a complete an utter donkey.

I wouldn’t complain too much if it happened now and again, but when it’s virtually every tournament, I can’t help but bitch and moan. Now don’t get donk play confused with bad beats. The two are completely different.

A donk is someone who will play virtually any two cards and hope that luck will help them out. Suited cards seem to be a favourite for the donk, whether it be Jc6c or Ks3s, and they are normally played out of posistion.

ks3s was the latest hand, which took me out of a tournament over the weekend. I was shortstacked and in mid position, and I was holding asqs. I pushed all-in. I was called by the small blind who only had around 700 chips more than me. A completely stoopid donk move, but of course he got lucky by hitting a 3 on the flop then another 3 on the turn. And just to stick a cherry on top he hit a king on the river.

What really pisses me off though, is that the donk always seems to be rewarded (against me anyway!). And to think, these people actually think they played the hand well. WELL SORRY…. BUT THEY DIDN’T! They won purely down to dumb luck.

I’ve ran into these idiots so often and lost with good hands that I even tried to play like the them. I had to see if I could get the same donk luck. Believe me when I tell you, it is extremely difficult to play like a donk when you are that more disciplined in reality. But it was an experiment that was doomed to fail. No matter how hard I tried to play like a donk, I just couldn’t do it to the same effect. If I remember correctly, I was first out!

So, is there any way to combat the donks? I don’t think so. All you can do is grin and bear it when a donk gets lucky against you, and just hope you run into them again. They can’t get lucky against you all the time. If they do happen to take you out in a game, don’t berate them in the chat. Instead, just type to all the other players remaining at the table, ” At least you now know who the donk is!” This has two purposes. It sends the message to said donk what you think, and it should awaken the other players at the easy money potential.

The donk who won with his K3 against me was out 15mins later. I didn’t see what he went out on, but it was probably yet another donk move. But I guarentee he will not change his ways in future tournies. He will still think he played the hand correctly and will continue to do so in the future. I’m just glad I put a note on him. I’ll have my revenge soon!