Obscured by clouds


I started on a bad run of ‘luck’ almost a year ago. Donks have been crippling me left, right and centre, and my bankroll is down substantially. Yet it’s only in recent weeks that I’ve woke up and ‘smelled the coffee!’

Virtually every weekend, I get together with the skype crew and play a few games of poker. But while doing this, I enjoy a beer or five. Not to mention a little bit ‘mary-joanna’ too!

I’ve only just woken up to the fact that this is the reason I was on such a bad run. I was wondering why the skype crew didn’t enlighten me to this, but to be perfectly honest, they have been! It’s just that I’ve obviously been too pissed or stoned to realise it! Now that I’ve calmed down on my indulgences, I’m starting to cash again on a regualr basis.

This is something I should have picked up on before now. Especially considering I wrote a post on preparing for tournaments. One of the main things I said was to stay clear of alcohol or any other substance. If you must have a drink, limit it to one or two at the very most.

Drugs and alcohol impair your judgement – that is FACT. The past year is proof (to me at least) that this is deinately true. Yes, I still get donked out of tournies, but not to the same effect as before. Before, I was getting donked out of virtually EVERY tourny. My mind was obscured by clouds due to drinking and smoking. I had taken the line of thought that I was up against shit players who I could beat easily. I was unbeatable! But that theory went down the pan, night after night.

In truth, I normally am the best player at the table. But that does not give me the devine right to win every game I play. You have got to earn the win, no matter who you play, be it donks or good seasoned players. Being impaired means you will leave yourself open to taking risks. You make moves you wouldn’t normally make. You leave yourself open to any observant players who will eventually catch you making a simple mistake. Basically, you lower yourself to the level of some of your opponents – YOU become a bit of a DONK.

I’ve had to learn the hard way, and it’s taken me almost a year to realise it. So, don’t make the same mistake as me. If you are prone to a few drinks, or have a joint or two, do it away from the tables. Keep a clear mind for playing poker and you will reap the rewards.

I’m slowly getting back to winning ways, but I’ve picked up a lot of bad habits in the past year that I’m trying to eradicate. Removing the ‘impairments’ is just step one on the road to recovery…..

Comments are welcome as usual…….


3 Responses to Obscured by clouds

  1. svcmgr says:

    Well, Goph, we did and do try telling you about this but you are right, we were probably doing it at the wrong time.
    I enjoy having a few beers now and then whilst playing with the Skpe crew. However, I think I “turn down” my expectations in winning during this time. I am playing more to have fun than anything so I don’t watch the board or others players as close, etc.
    But, if I am playing serious, there is a lot less drinking, no music or distractions and I concentrate much harder. I sit here and watch every hand, keep my eyes on every player and I am much more successful.
    It’s good to see you being introspective. Your game can only improve if you do this and honestly evaluate yourself.
    Welcome back!!!

  2. LexLuthor says:

    You are not going to like what I am going to say but I don’t sugar coat things. If someone whinges and moans and complains about “donks” its a sign of a bad player, it really does sound like you are making excuses for losing.

    Accounting for beginners and wild players should be a part of your overall game, so you should consider this before you go all in. It doesn’t make it any less infuriating when your premium pair gets knocked out by K8 off suite, but I’d rather get knocked out by a bad beat than get knocked out by making a mistake.

  3. dagopher says:

    All comments are appreciated, but I do not neccessarily need to agree with them.

    Lex, you said,”If someone whinges and moans and complains about “donks” its a sign of a bad player”. I think this comment is a bit harsh. Not on me personally, but on poker itself.

    My finances dictate that I have to play the lower limit tables, where it is generally a donkfest. At the table I can pick out the donks very quickly and normally I will capitalise on them. But poker is such a saturated game now that I’m finding for every donk you take out there’s another at the table waiting to gamble with nothing.

    I will ALWAYS complain about donks, but I don’t consider myself a bad player. And I’m sure some of those who know me would agree that I’m quite good. But I know I still have a lot to learn.

    As my main post suggests, I have come a long way in correcting some of the errors in my game, to which I freely admit is more of my problem than that of the donks. But in saying that, virtually every time I went out it WAS to a bad beat. It’s the hands prior to the all-ins I have to work on.

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