Coming back to the fold

May 17, 2009

It’s been a year of hell as far as poker is concerned. Not so much as in I’ve been losing shed-loads of money, but more in the ‘losing total interest’ scenario.

Having had a poor run on the tables last year, problems started in my personal life in the shape of losing my job. Money was tight and I ended up dwindling away what was left of my bankroll at the various sites I had money in. Thinking I was getting back on my feet after finding a new job, that uber-shitty thing called fate intervened yet again when the company I was working at folded after 3 months. Almost 6 months later, and after a helluva lot of CVs sent out, I managed to get another job. Fingers crossed, this will last a bit longer than 3 months!

From the time I lost the first job up until now, I’m lucky to have played poker more than 20 times. But I’m hoping to start making a comeback. It’s going to be a hard slog, but I’m up for the challenge.

This year, I’ve played a couple of the OFC freerolls. I’ve not won any money from any of them, but have played quite well and managed to finish in the top 10% of most of them, normally going out to either a bad beat or more commonly going card dead and being blinded away, then going all-in with the first good hand I can get.

I’m using these freerolls as a re-learning tool. When I sort of stopped playing last year, I had been playing quite poorly. I was complaining about anything and everything that was making me loose. In hindsight – and something that should have been obvious – I was the only person to blame.

As I was saying, I’m using these freerolls to re-learn. To re-learn the dangers, pitfalls, and plays of the game of poker. Freerolls are not normally the place I would recommend practicing, but I’m getting the benifits I’ve been looking for. I’m gaining my patience back. I’m making my mistakes and steadily learning from them. I’m experimenting with different plays. I’m experimenting with aggression. Basically, I’m trying out everthing, learning from the results in the hope that I get it right for the time I start playing seriously for cash again. It’s costing me nothing to experiment, so it doesn’t matter if I go out first hand or later in the tournament. As long as I’m not put out through a dumb move (by me) I’ll be happy. The more I learn now, the better.

So, soon you’ll see me back on the tables, hopefully better prepared than ever. And hopefully winning more than ever!